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Easter Weekend

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Hey Ho,

On the way to the ester weeekend i practiced some songs on the guitar because they invited me to play in the band. Saturday the practice began at 3.30 pm and ended 6pm. We did really well and we had a great time on the stage. I think performing songs is a great way to praise God. Pastor Alan preached about doors and THE door “JESUS”.  After that some frinds and me drove to “Taco Mec” adn we all ordered chicken. We could choose how spicy we want our chicken i chose the 6th out of eight. It was the perfect spiciness for me. It was funny so we stayed there untill 2am. Because we had band practice on Sunday morning at eight i slept at Devins house. Although we only slept three and a half hour we did good. We were also part of two baptisms on…

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Fun And Learning

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This week was really fun for me. We stayed at the Tuckers in North Carolina. Most of the time i was outside playing with the brothers and their friends. On Friday morning we visited the touristcenter and the main topic was aircraft.


It was nice weather so the birthday of Nathan we celebrated was really cool. His family and friends came and we ate HotDogs and cake. After that we played in the dirt hills until it was 11.00pm. To close the day we watched “Italian job”  Nathan had a lot of fun with his friends and enjoyed his birthday party.


On Saturday we went to a baseballgame from CJ and watched his team losing 9:10 because the time limit was reached. It was cool to see the kids playing for the first two innings but then Noah and I played basketball with some other people. I like playing…

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Climbing The Mountain

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Hello ppl,

it was a great week for me. It started with serving a school in Taveres/Florida with George, Devin C., Trevor J. and me. The students there were so excited to see George and see him performing songs in sign language. The school had a spirit week and they had to wear specials on every day. On wednesday they had to wear the color of their class. so te sanctuary was filed with many colors :). Today i had the oppertunity to share my testemony. I think i did well although i spoke in english and was a little nervous. When i prayed in english at the end i felt a little uncomfortable so i came to the conclusion to say what i will pray and then pray in German. On Thursday the main topic was black and gold and on Friday everybody had to wear a mustache. Georges…

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WAVE Team Practice

Youth Pastor Summit

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Hi friends,

On Thursday afternoon the 27th i drove to north Carolina with Devin C., Trevor J. and George . The drive was eight hours long and They asked me many questions about Germany. I could answer all of them and hope that they kept something ;).  We arrived at the house at 12.30am and went to sleep. The house we stayed is owened by the tuckers who are very good friends of George. It was very funny with them. Noah, Nathen and CJ, the kids there, played with us soccer and at a sand dump we steped into a water hole. At the edge we sank in the mud and Nathen was inside the mud with his whole legs. He came out himself and then we cleaned our legs and pants in the lake behind the house. I was glad that i changed into shorts before :D  Because we…

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Sharing Jesus With Friends

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sharing Jesus

Hey, Some of you have some non-Christian friends that you have been talking to lately. Here’s a few things to remember as you open up to them about Jesus and your relationship with God.

1) Talk to God about them.

Before you start talking to your friends about God, make sure you’re talking to God about them. Prayer is so important when it comes to sharing your faith with your friends. Prayer not only invokes God’s Spirit to be working in their lives but it also invites God into the conversation. If you are going to be talking to your friends about Jesus, make sure you are quietly praying as you listen to their responses and for their heart.

2) Talk WITH your friend about God.

As passion can do, we can end up talking “at” our friends about something we are deeply passionate about out of love for…

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Wednesday Night March 26

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Jaison Job

Join us this Wednesday night at 7pm to hear from Pastor Jaison Job who works in Goa India. Pastor Job is good friends with Ken Grendal, our missionary friend through Backpacks for India. Make plans to attend and prepare to be blessed and challenged from God’s Word!

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Finally Arrived In America

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Hey Hey,

Finally im in america right now. my first week was pretty cool and i met some really cool people. But let me tell about my flight first. The start was pretty easy and i had nice last minutes with my family. Sadly the plane had only one television for every 5 rows but because of that i met a nice person named Petra. She was on her way back home to indiana. Because of an emergancy case we had to do an extra stop in newfoundland, canada, to drop off the sick person. At this airport i saw snow for the first time this winter xD.  It was cool to talk to Petra so the time at that airport seems to be short. ^^ After we landed 2 hours later in Chicago then expected i got an orange expressenvelope so that i could rush to my conecting flight…

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today it is my last day in Germany and i´m ready for takeoff ;). Tomorrow at 8pm, Atlanta time and 2am on the 14th, German time I will be in Atlanta.

I thank God that he made it possible for me to have a nice time in America. I like that many friends wished me God´s blessing and fun.  Today I had a great evening with my family and they gave me a book out of self made sides of all my friends and family. I am almost finished packing my suitcase and will write you about my first week in America next week.

Be blessed,

Jan-Niklas S


heute ist mein letzter Tag in Deutschland und ich bin fertig zum Abflug ;). Morgen um 20 Uhr, Atlanta-Zeit, und 02 Uhr morgens am 14., Deutsche-Zeit, werde ich in Atlanta sein.

Ich danke Gott, dass er es möglich…

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Originally posted on Becoming Jan-Niklas:


Now it´s time for another post on my blog ;) !!!

Today finally my Visa approached and I´m now allowed to stay 180 Days in the US! Yihaa! I thank you all for the prayers that are supporting my Trip in that way.  God has made his decision and is leading me towards America. It is a great gift from him. This story shows me that God has a plan with me and is hearing prayers if we authentically pray. Also it´s great to see that God´s plan is sometimes better than ours and we only need to trust him. In 2. Corinthians 1,9b you can read this: “But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.” I like this part because I can extract to rather trust God than trust myself.

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to talk with…

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