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Fun And Learning

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This week was really fun for me. We stayed at the Tuckers in North Carolina. Most of the time i was outside playing with the brothers and their friends. On Friday morning we visited the touristcenter and the main topic was aircraft.


It was nice weather so the birthday of Nathan we celebrated was really cool. His family and friends came and we ate HotDogs and cake. After that we played in the dirt hills until it was 11.00pm. To close the day we watched “Italian job”  Nathan had a lot of fun with his friends and enjoyed his birthday party.


On Saturday we went to a baseballgame from CJ and watched his team losing 9:10 because the time limit was reached. It was cool to see the kids playing for the first two innings but then Noah and I played basketball with some other people. I like playing…

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Climbing The Mountain

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Hello ppl,

it was a great week for me. It started with serving a school in Taveres/Florida with George, Devin C., Trevor J. and me. The students there were so excited to see George and see him performing songs in sign language. The school had a spirit week and they had to wear specials on every day. On wednesday they had to wear the color of their class. so te sanctuary was filed with many colors :). Today i had the oppertunity to share my testemony. I think i did well although i spoke in english and was a little nervous. When i prayed in english at the end i felt a little uncomfortable so i came to the conclusion to say what i will pray and then pray in German. On Thursday the main topic was black and gold and on Friday everybody had to wear a mustache. Georges…

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WAVE Team Practice

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Youth Pastor Summit

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Hi friends,

On Thursday afternoon the 27th i drove to north Carolina with Devin C., Trevor J. and George . The drive was eight hours long and They asked me many questions about Germany. I could answer all of them and hope that they kept something ;).  We arrived at the house at 12.30am and went to sleep. The house we stayed is owened by the tuckers who are very good friends of George. It was very funny with them. Noah, Nathen and CJ, the kids there, played with us soccer and at a sand dump we steped into a water hole. At the edge we sank in the mud and Nathen was inside the mud with his whole legs. He came out himself and then we cleaned our legs and pants in the lake behind the house. I was glad that i changed into shorts before :D  Because we…

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Sharing Jesus With Friends

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sharing Jesus

Hey, Some of you have some non-Christian friends that you have been talking to lately. Here’s a few things to remember as you open up to them about Jesus and your relationship with God.

1) Talk to God about them.

Before you start talking to your friends about God, make sure you’re talking to God about them. Prayer is so important when it comes to sharing your faith with your friends. Prayer not only invokes God’s Spirit to be working in their lives but it also invites God into the conversation. If you are going to be talking to your friends about Jesus, make sure you are quietly praying as you listen to their responses and for their heart.

2) Talk WITH your friend about God.

As passion can do, we can end up talking “at” our friends about something we are deeply passionate about out of love for…

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Wednesday Night March 26

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Jaison Job

Join us this Wednesday night at 7pm to hear from Pastor Jaison Job who works in Goa India. Pastor Job is good friends with Ken Grendal, our missionary friend through Backpacks for India. Make plans to attend and prepare to be blessed and challenged from God’s Word!

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Finally Arrived In America

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Hey Hey,

Finally im in america right now. my first week was pretty cool and i met some really cool people. But let me tell about my flight first. The start was pretty easy and i had nice last minutes with my family. Sadly the plane had only one television for every 5 rows but because of that i met a nice person named Petra. She was on her way back home to indiana. Because of an emergancy case we had to do an extra stop in newfoundland, canada, to drop off the sick person. At this airport i saw snow for the first time this winter xD.  It was cool to talk to Petra so the time at that airport seems to be short. ^^ After we landed 2 hours later in Chicago then expected i got an orange expressenvelope so that i could rush to my conecting flight…

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today it is my last day in Germany and i´m ready for takeoff ;). Tomorrow at 8pm, Atlanta time and 2am on the 14th, German time I will be in Atlanta.

I thank God that he made it possible for me to have a nice time in America. I like that many friends wished me God´s blessing and fun.  Today I had a great evening with my family and they gave me a book out of self made sides of all my friends and family. I am almost finished packing my suitcase and will write you about my first week in America next week.

Be blessed,

Jan-Niklas S


heute ist mein letzter Tag in Deutschland und ich bin fertig zum Abflug ;). Morgen um 20 Uhr, Atlanta-Zeit, und 02 Uhr morgens am 14., Deutsche-Zeit, werde ich in Atlanta sein.

Ich danke Gott, dass er es möglich…

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Now it´s time for another post on my blog ;) !!!

Today finally my Visa approached and I´m now allowed to stay 180 Days in the US! Yihaa! I thank you all for the prayers that are supporting my Trip in that way.  God has made his decision and is leading me towards America. It is a great gift from him. This story shows me that God has a plan with me and is hearing prayers if we authentically pray. Also it´s great to see that God´s plan is sometimes better than ours and we only need to trust him. In 2. Corinthians 1,9b you can read this: “But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.” I like this part because I can extract to rather trust God than trust myself.

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to talk with…

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Preparing For Lent


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of the Lent season. Lent is the 40-day period of time between now and Easter, minus Sundays. The practice of Lent is commonly practiced as a way to remember the sacrifice and gift of Christ as the Savior of the world, the suffering He endured on the cross and then the triumphant victory in Resurrection Day. I have personally practiced Lent for several years and as I approach this year, I want to do so with some heart preparation. Here are a couple of questions to consider as you move into the period of Lent.

What does God want me to realize?

ash-wednesdayjpg-f948284c023d28f0Ash Wednesday is more than just a starting day for Lent. The usual practice is to have burnt palm fronds and mark the forehead with ashes in the shape of a cross. This is to remind us of our mortality: ashes to ashes and dust to dust. We will one day return to the earth from where we came. During this Lenten season you may want to focus on the impact of your life or the meaning and purpose of your life. Ask yourself if what you are doing really matters in eternity? How does God want you to operate in this life with what you have and have been given?

What should I “give up”?

Lent usually consists of participants going without something they value in order to remember what Christ gave up for us. This can range from candy and sodas to meat or other foods. As a way to honor Christ giving up something of value can be very effective. As you “desire” that item or become hungry, prayers go up and help us center on a desire for Christ more. This Lent season, ask yourself what is it that you desire in life? Ask what is competition with your relationship with Christ?

What should I do?givinghands

Lent is also a great time to focus on giving to the poor and helping the needy. Jesus showed great concern and compassion during his time on earth. Lent is a wonderful time to focus on helping those in need. This Lent season you may want to give away some items in your closet or serving in a soup kitchen. You may want to send funds to people in another country or use money you save from spending eating out to help feed others. Ask yourself who is it that God has shown you that is in need? Ask God whom you can serve? Ask what amount of money or time you can give in service?

For more resources to help you with your journey through Lent, check out these links for devotionals:

Bible Gateway: Lent Devotionals

Ignatian Prayer Adventure


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I was thinking about doing a blog when it was clear that I will be in America but I didn’t want to do one because I am not a big author. But then George told me to do one and I changed my mind. Now I think it is a great opportunity to let my family and friends know what I am doing without calling them every week ;).

I am supposed to be in America right now but something went wrong with my Visa. I need the original signed invitation letters from America but I only had copies. I had to rebook my flight to the 13th of March.

My first thought about this situation was: Why did God let this happen? I want to be in America and I thought God want this too and now I have to stay 4 more weeks in Germany.


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Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Fast Forward 2014

Here is a sample prayer guide for you to use as you begin fasting today. Thank you for joining us as we pray and fast forward to make a difference in our world for Christ!

Fast Forward Prayer Guide:

Noon Begin Fast

Prayers include people we know on the mission field: Jorge, Prince, Festus, Nicaragua and Together Works, Randall Ray and The United Arab Emirates, Worldcare Ministry, The Meeks in Honduras, Rosa and the WAVE team in Nicaragua, India missions and Pastor Rajendra.

Friday 3pm
Prayers include people in our area who are poverty stricken, homeless, in need. Pray for our churches: New Vision, Bethany, The Movement, Igleisa Baptista. Pray for our Partners in Ministry: Worldcare, Worldvision, Compassion International, India Ministry, The prison ministry, Angel Tree, and others.

Friday 6pm
Prayers include people who are sick and in dire need. AIDS victims around the world, especially in Africa. Friends and family suffering with and through cancer. Organizations dealing with water and humanitarian relief. Relay for Life.

Saturday 9am
Prayers for those in homeless shelters, prisons, orphanages, and directly affected by natural disasters over the last few years.

Prayers for ourselves and how God wants to use us in efforts in alleviating poverty. Prayers for our role in the church and movements to make a difference. Prayers for our mission events this summer and those traveling with New Vision and Vision 2 Hear.

Saturday 3pm
Prayers include friends and families, schools, government and lawmakers around the world.

Saturday 5pm
Prayers include thankfulness and gratitude for all we have. Thanks for health and home, family and loved ones, for being able to do more in the future.

Resources for a New Year

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A good start doesn’t ensure a good ending but it CAN help! Here’s a few resources and thoughts to starting off the new year right!

Make Resolutions.

I know that so many people are against such things because of failures from the past. However, setting goals and resolutions are a great way to becoming what you truly want to be. This is a discipline of life. Everyday we live by resolutions even though we may not call them that. Why not begin this year living intentionally and setting some goals and making some attainable resolutions for your life? The word “attainable” is important. Don’t set your goal so great that you are  setting yourself up for failure but don’t set it too low that there is no challenge.

Start Over.

If you fail or miss a day, don’t quit! Start over! The reason so many people never…

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Grinchmas Session 1: The Heart Of The Matter

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Jorge Graduation


For the last 7 years, I have known Jorge Alberto Fernandez Campos and been able to watch him grow, mature, lead and develop as a young man. On October 19, I got to watch him stroll across his university stage and receive his college diploma. What a blessing!

When I first met Jorge (2006),he had just returned from a mission trip (alone), as a 18 year old serving with other missionaries in Romania and Spain. After discussing many things about his future, family and ministry, we decided to invite him to the USA and do an internship with V2H.

Me and Jorge

Jorge and I at a church event in Miami, 2007

Sure enough, Jorge came and traveled with me and Casey Jones for several months in 2007. He arrived in Atlanta and basically lived with me from January until July. He helped with learning some spanish songs in sign language but he also learned some english songs and performed along with us on our many travels throughout the east coast. He shared his testimony at schools, churches, and youth groups, impacting them with his heart and lessons like the “Pencil”. He attended his first George Camp in Miami that year before heading back to El Salvador.

Since that time, he brought a team of 13 to the USA with a project we called ToGetHer(e). The students who came were able to share performances at the Atlanta School For The Deaf, do work in Chattanooga, TN, Kings Mountain, NC as well as challenge and encourage our local WAVE teams. Jorge has worked tirelessly in ES, helping not only our USA teams in the summer with trips but a vast array of teams coming from the USA all year long.

Because of his well-spoken english, he is often given the chance to interpret for americans on mission trips to El Salvador but he also leads Bible studies and assists at his church in various ways, teaching students on Sundays, leading mission expeditions to places like Nicaragua, among many other short-term projects. One of the mission projects that has become a mainstay is in Suchitoto.


Jorge and I at his graduation 2013

For over 2  years now, Jorge has been taking small groups of people out to a village called Suchitoto. It’s a small farming community that some missionaries from Washington state have helped develop. Jorge has been working diligently there teaching them english, mentoring and discipling the children, helping establish an acting and photography ministry, and seeking to help them with sustainable living conditions and food.

SAM_3865Over the course of the few years, Jorge has been immersed in much schoolwork as well. You can imagine the enormity of college life and trying to get school fees paid, plus running a ministry that is being started from scratch. Yet, he has thrived and done very well. Not only has he accomplished obtaining a degree in Psychology but the ministry there is well underway to getting their NGO (Non-Government Organization status). Needless to say, he’s been busy! And God has been blessing.


It was with great joy and pride that I was able to attend his graduation and share this wonderful experience with Jorge and his family. They are my family too. I not only attended the graduation but was invited to say a few words at his graduation lunch. I prepared some words and signed the song “Words I would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets for him. Many were in tears by the end, myself included.

Over the years we have grown very close and shared many wonderful times together in El Salvador and the USA. On behalf of Jorge, let me say a huge “THANK YOU” to all of you have contributed to V2H over the last 6 years and helped us give to him to pay his school fees, buy his clothes, sponsor his trips, and helped provide for him to obtain this degree. Thank you for making such a meaningful investment in his future and eternity! GRACIOUS!SAM_3968

Passage Remix: Psalm 100

Passage Remix Header

For my Quiet Time practices, I sometimes paraphrase the passage. Here’s a passage remix from today’s reading, Psalm 100

Hey! Everyone on planet earth, let out a joyous barbaric yelp for The Lord! Hoot, holler, jump up and down, or do your own little happy dance for The Lord because he is worthy of praise from deep down within. From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, adore The Lord with a happy heart and come face to face with Him in song. Tell The Lord that He is your God. He made you and you belong to Him. And guess what? We are all like sheep who get to graze in wide open pasturelands. Walk into those spaces with thankfulness, praising as you enter His presence. Truly be thankful and lift up the name of The Lord. You know The Lord is good…sooooo good. He loves with a love that never fails, never gives up, never runs out, never quits, never tires, and never ends. That’s some serious faithfulness, if you ask me :) And it continues throughout all ages, times and space. His love will always remain.

Here’s the passage in the ESV:
Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!
2     Serve the Lord with gladness!
Come into his presence with singing!

3 Know that the Lord, he is God!
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!

5 For the Lord is good;
his steadfast love endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all generations.

What strikes you from these readings?

How is your gratitude lately?

How  is your praise and worship new and unique today?

How has the faithfulness of the Lord been demonstrated to you recently?

Comment back! Would love to hear what God is teaching you.


Fall Conference

Fall Conference

Shift: God

Shift- God.001

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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 31

Originally posted on George Lockhart:

2020 vision

Read 2 Corinthians 4:18

18 We set our eyes not on what we see but on what we cannot see. What we see will last only a short time, but what we cannot see will last forever.

As you consider your vision for the coming season, consider the following thoughts:

What kind of faith will be required for you to accomplish this vision from God?

Does your vision require faith at all?

Hebrews 11:6

6 Without faith no one can please God. Anyone who comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who truly want to find him.

Is your vision also a dream? Is your dream bigger than your vision? Are they the same?

Joel 2;28

“After this,
I will pour out my Spirit on all kinds of people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
and your young men…

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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 30

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2020 vision

Read Ephesians 1:18

Pray for God to open the eyes of you heart. Pray that God would shape you heart after His own.

Then take inventory of your heart. Vision flows not from our minds but our hearts. When our vision begins to diminish, it is because of a failure to nurture our souls.

Proverbs 4:23 says:

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

As you construct your vision for the future, how does your vision match what’s in and on your heart? Do they match? Something may sound and look good on paper, but is it your passion? Vision is really about passion. Vision is not about sight, it’s about love. Maybe love at first sight? Maybe insight? What’s your real, honest passion? Passion is what drives vision.

How do you intend to care for your heart and soul?

What will feed your passion…

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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 29

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2020 vision

Read Psalm 119:18 and Matthew 13:15-17

God’s vision is going to include concepts and concerns from God’s Word.  As you construct your vision statement, what verses from God’s Word apply?

What core values  are in your vision statement that can be founded upon scripture?

Spend time in the passage that God seems to be pressing upon your heart. Wrestle with Him and come to a resolution on the vision and perspective God wants you to take this year. Begin to write out, make plans, and follow through on the vision that God is birthing in you.

Write. Journal. Pray.


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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 28

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2020 vision

Read Ezekiel 37:1-14

What vision did Ezekiel have?

What was God’s question to Ezekiel? What does this question imply?

What was Ezekiel’s response? What does his response show?

What does God command Ezekiel to do?

What is Ezekiel’s role in making all this happen?

How does what Ezekiel sees  reflect what God wants to do? Who showed Ezekiel?

What do you feel like God has revealed to you?

What is your role? What is God’s role?

Is there something God wants you to say based on what you have seen?

Is there a bigger picture you need to look for?

Write. Pray.

How big is your vision? How big is your God?

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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 27

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2020 vision

Read Jeremiah 6:16

According to this passage, what 3 things does God encourage His people to do?

How can you do this over the next couple of days?




Is there something for which you need to take a stand? Does your vision reflect that?

Is there something God has asked you to do before that you need to follow through on now? Does your vision reflect that?

Is there a course of action you need to take? Does your vision reflect that?

Begin to tweak your vision accordingly. Let God shape you and your vision.

Journal. Pray.

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Shift: 20/20 Vision August 26

Originally posted on George Lockhart:

2020 vision

As we enter the last week of our prayer focus, take some time to reflect on the lessons God has taught you.

Write down a few sentences that best describe what you feel like your vision for life is at this point and begin to compile a list of buzzwords for yourself. These would be key words that would evoke passion, inspiration and motivation for you.

After you compile this list, begin to formulate your own vision statement, incorporating some of these words and statements.

Read John 6:38 and Luke 19:10

John 6:38 For I have come down from heaven, not to do My will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

Luke 19:10 For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost.

Now look at Revelation 7:9

9 After this I looked, and there was a vast multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language, which no one could number, standing before…

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