Highlands and Joe DiMaggio

Well, I woke up early this morning and forced myself to stay in bed 20 minutes longer after my alarm first went off. It was a challenge but I managed it.

We started our 45 minute drive up to Highland Christian school.

We had a great time together. This was only the second time I have visited the school. They all loved the songs and motions. I shared about dealing with the backpack of sin.

After the performance we went to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital to visit a girl from the school who recently found a tumor on her spine. They are going to operate on Friday morning some time. She remembered me from last year and we wanted to encourage her and her family. So we drove over and sat for a while and then I shared a few songs: Every Move I Make, Foreverandever etc. and How He Loves. They loved it. As we were leaving, we had prayer together and snapped this pic:


As we were leaving Madison’s mom talked to the Children’s Hospital Director and asked if we could try to work out something in the future with performances for V2H in the hospital. She was open to the idea and gave me her card and told me to contact her next time I would be back in FL and we could try to work something out. Now, what is kinda crazy about this, (although not really) is that I have been going through the Prayer of Jabez journal and asking God to open new doors and allow my influence to expand. And here are people I’ve never really met, opening doors for ministry for me because of a simple hospital visit that I wasn’t “planning” to make. What’s even more funny is that on the way out, on the other side of the double doors, was a girl waiting to come in. She was moving a large piece of equipment and wearing a hospital name badge. As we crossed paths, she quipped: “Hey! You’re the Baby Shark guy!”  We exchanged greetings and she went on to tell me she saw me at Miami Christian a few years ago. Since then she has graduated and is now working at the hospital. Wow! What a small world!

I spent the remaining time up north with Gus Valdes, a good friend of mine working through some of what we are learning about life. It was a good time today! And it’s just awesomely funny and wonderful to see God working in many unique and different ways! It was a grand slam today and I am humbled and grateful!

Thanks to the Valdes Family for making the connection with Highlands and Joe DiMaggio! If I come again, I can’t wait to see what God will build!








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