Kendall Sunset



Kingdom of God: Seek

In this passage Jesus readily invites us to seek, to inquire, to not stop looking until we find! I have to admit that I have been guilty of stopping short of the goal line at times. Jesus’ invitation to seek His Kingdom should be like a running back’s magnetism to the endzone.

We can be so easily satisfied to pick up a few yards carrying the ball and think that’s seeking. Not really. There’s no running back who is carrying the ball who would ever stop short of the endzone without being stopped. His drive, passion and goal is the endzone and nothing short of it. Ever.

Is it possible that this is what Jesus meant when he said seek his kingdom? We tend to believe that seeking God’s kingdom means praying. It is! But not that alone! Every team has a huddle (prayer) but unless they break the huddle they will never truly seek the goal!

Seeking means pushing forward. It means dragging every force of earth and hell forward with you. It means shaking off things that cling to you and throwing off the opponent that is dragging you down. It means getting back up every time you get knocked down. It means never stopping, never quitting, not even a thought of it until you are in the endzone.

Seeking means looking in directions you weren’t planning. In all athletics, gamebooks and plays are designed for certain situations. However these plays can be blown at the onset and force creativity.

A running back is gonna juke, fake, lunge, and jump in order to seek the goal. Don’t be afraid to improvise. God is the King of improvisation. Who knows? Maybe you’ve got some moves the world has yet to see but will only been seen as you seek!

Seeking means have your eyes open. No one runs with their eyes shut! How is it we try to seek God’s kingdom and yet keep our hearts, minds, and eyes closed to the people and needs around us? How can we seek the Kingdom of God and expect to find it without being willing for God to show us new and different things!

Each quarter in a football game the teams switch endzones. Don’t run in the wrong direction. There are two endzones but only one is yours! Make sure you are running in the right direction! Keep your eyes open and know your surroundings!

God invites us to seek his kingdom. To do so means we need to run toward all that is good and godly while it’s being formed around and within us. Until then keep seeking and never stop! There’s only one endzone at that’s heaven!