Making New WAVES

It’s not often that something V2H is involved with really gets much attention from people who have not personally met us or seen us. Yet The Youth Culture Report is truly making WAVES of another sort.

It has long been the desire of V2H to be making an impact on youth culture. From effectively informing parents to helping form and shape the lives of the students in our care, we have invested years and years in ministry. With The Youth Culture Report, we are now able to do these things on a much more global scale. Recently this article was blogged from a person who knows very little about us:

As time goes by and we are able to influence and affect many more lives we are going to need two very important things: prayer and support.

We know that the evil one is aware of our desire to please God, instruct others in righteousness and see people move into a right relationship with God. These are not things that the evil one desires to see us accomplish. We desparately need your prayers and would ask that you pray for us daily as we seek to provide you and others with information, knowledge and understanding of how we can collectively make a difference in the lives of students.

Secondly, we need supporters to allow us to continue the mission work we have given ourselves too. V2H is a non-profit organization committed to creatively communicating Christ. Mike Liebler and I both work as part time-youth ministers and serve the local body in Florida and Georgia and Tennessee. We also have ministries in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nigeria that we are heavily involved. From skateboarding outreaches to sign language worship teams and performances, we travel throughout sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your contributions will help us be able to continue to bring a site like Youth Culture Report to life and be able to continue our work around the world living among students who need Jesus.

To make a tax-deductible gift you can send it via to

Thanks and continue to share with your friends!


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