Thanks-Living Challenge

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I wanted to go ahead and get us into the practice of what I call “Thanks-Living”. The difference between giving thanks and living thanks is that giving thanks usually only happens in words and brief expressions in a prayer over a meal. Giving thanks usually only lasts a few moments and then we move on.

Thanks-Living would be completely and entirely different. Thanks-Living would actually transform the way we look at life, others and especially God! Even though we are commanded and encouraged to give thanks and to do so all the time, many of us fail miserably caving into whining about not having exactly what we want when we want it. Thanks-Living takes the emphasis off of what we want to what we have. It moves the focus off of us and how have even been “blessed” to how we can in turn be a blessing. Thanks-Living is meant to move us from being consumers to being contributors out of our own wealth and abundance to even out of our own poverty! When we choose to live thanks we become not only generous but joyous. When we choose to live thanks we actually choose giving above receiving.

So as we move into this new month, I want to challenge you in a couple of ways:

1) Make a list everyday for the whole month of November of things you are thankful for. Write down at least 5 things you can give thanks for each day.

2) Say thank you everyday for everything someone does nice for you.

3) Over the course of the next four weeks, seek ways you can become a thanks-living sacrifice. Find something that you can go without to give to another in need. Do you really need more? Do you really need “new”? Do you really appreciate all you have or use all you have?

4) Contribute to the life of another. Giving thanks to someone who has given to you is wonderful but doing the same thing for someone else is even greater. invest yourself in the life of another. Don’t just take someone out for a meal…take someone in for life!


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