Faith Baptist Church 58th Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend I spent some time with some close friends of mine celebrating the 58th Anniversary of Faith Baptist Church in Kings Mountain, NC. It was a great time as we celebrated God’s mighty power and presence through the church for close to six decades!

V2H shared several songs for the worship set. Among those were Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster. Nathan Tucker had an “air guitar” solo, pictured here:

The church received all we had to share with an open heart and loved the finale of Jesus Paid It All.I preached from the perspective of Jesus being one who celebrates, especially on an occasion like this. I wanted to convey to everyone present that Jesus was a party person and that we are party people! I really appreciate the fact that my friend and her kids were there from Newport, NC to help lead in the worship. It was also great to have Nathan Smoker and Trevor Jenkins along for this journey too!

Also during the course of the weekend, I got to attend a dear friend’s surprise birthday party. Mrs Claudia Neuman had a grand party thrown for her on Saturday and I was privileged to attend.

With all the festivities of the weekend, we wrapped it all up with a performance at Pennly’s Chapel Sunday night. It was also a great time, with Nathan sharing a brief testimony and V2H leading in worship. The Lord truly moved throughout the entire weekend and we are all truly thankful for the time we had.


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