Think Again. Thank Again.

Now that Thanksgiving is over may I challenge us all to take some time and think again? The word “thank” comes from the German word “Thangle” which means to “think”. How often do we really think when we say “thank you”? Often it’s just a cursory response. We don’t often really consider the time, effort, energy and love that went into making something possible. At times we simply just assume that it was easy or we somehow deserved whatever it was we got. But what if we took the time to seriously think again about all we have been given? How would our perspective change? In order to seriously be thankful this holiday season, would you take the time and think again? Here are a few things to help guide your thoughts:

Think about all you have that you did not ever ask for. Think about all the blessings from God that He has given you that you would have never thought to ask for. Sure we think about forgiveness or health and wealth but what about friendships that just “seemed” to happen? Or what about the school that you attend or the house in which you live? What about the country in which you live. Did you get to choose that?

Think about the people that you have been able to influence. So often we don’t look at the people that we get to influence as something to be thankful for. However this is a huge area for thanksgiving! There are some people in our lives that only we get to influence. God has entrusted some people to us and not to others. When we really take the time to think about this, it’s an overwhelming and awesome thing to consider!

Think about the things from which God has spared you. It’s one thing for us to say that we are grateful for Jesus’ death on the cross but have we really thought about it? Come one, really? Wouldn’t really have a greater and deeper sense of gratitude if we seriously took time often to say thanks for Jesus and Him sparing us Hell because of His awesome and incredible sacrifice?

Think about all the intangibles that others share with us that we never fully realize. Take some time and think about the joyful personality of the cashier or the servant minded waitress. Take time to consider the attitude of the teacher or the patience of the instructor. Take some time and think about the faith of a child or the dreams of the student or the hope of the volunteer and give thanks.

It’s time to think again and thank again. Honestly, can we really ever be thankful enough? I don’t think so.


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