Soundtrack For Life: Fast Forward



Let me encourage you to spend some time this week fasting.Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is very important to those who are Christ-followers.It is a discipline that has been practiced by our spiritual ancestors for thousands of years.

There may be no harder time than this time at Christmas to fast, which is another great reason to consider doing it.

Fasting helps us gain spiritual wisdom and insight and helps us gain a better perspective on thankfulness and gratitude.

Tuesday: Fast from TV. What? Are you kidding me? No. Take a break from the tube. Any show that you would normally watch can be recorded or viewed online nowadays. So take a break. Fast from TV today.

Wednesday: Fast from food. It’s the usual way people fast. Perhaps just change your diet up by not eating meats today or some other variation. Deny yourself of some indulgence.

Thursday: Fast from music. This may be a lot harder for some of you who lived with an ipod attached to your ears all day. Let me encourage you to spend some time away from music and spend some time in the written word.

Friday: Fast from computer. I know some of you may find this impossible because of work. So choose another day. But if you can, when you can, take a break from the information highway and get some time developing the inner narrow road. (Most of our time online is for waste and not work anyway, right?)

Saturday: Fast from people. Spend some time in solitude today. Get away from the hustle and bustle. Sleep in, plan some family time, be with some individuals and not just lost in the crowds. Also make sure you get some alone time with God!

Sunday: Fast forward. Spend today praying about the future, not dwelling on the past. Take a break from reminiscing and move to dreaming.Break your fast with some kind of celebration as you move forward into a new week and a new you.

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