Vision 2 Hear December Week 1

This past week was a whirlwind of activity! With little time to update I will be brief in my explanations and leave that to a full blown newsletter later.

Fayetteville, GA WAVE Concert Rocked!

We hosted our first Christmas Concert of the season at New Vision Church and were joined by some of the Stockbridge Team to help us kick off the festive season!  The Fayetteville team under the direction of Markie Love, Caulette Brown and some of Santa’s special helpers like Kearston Bohannan and Casey Palicki and others helped develop the latest creative song: Deck The Halls, by Tenth Avenue North. It was a great way to start the show. We had a great turn out and God seemed to really move through all the concert! Everyone did a great job!

The teams also had some performances at Southlake Mall, Northlake Mall and Barnes and Noble (pictured above). The Mall performances were simply for holiday fare but the Barnes and Nobel performance was in conjunction with a Rainbow Village book fair. V2H was sharing some music and motion to help generate awareness for Rainbow Village and  to inspire through providing Christmas music and holiday cheer.

The Marriage of Christina and Charles

I was also part of a wonderful Wedding during the course of the weekend. Christina Rahm, daughter of Stan and Melinda Rahm from Zoar United Methodist Church was wed this weekend to Charles Adelerte. The wedding was beautifully adorned with red poinsettias and candles to match and Christina was a lovely bride! Christina has traveled much with V2H making a trip to Colorado, Miami, and various other trips performing and serving. She has always had a great spirit and desire to serve the lord and others! It was my privilege to be able to officiate their wedding and to share in this wonderful union! Congrats to both!

A Miracle on Main Street

I also attended Dawson Doremus’ Christmas musical before returning home. Dawson is the son of Stacey Doremus, Children’s Minister at Stockbridge but he is also part of our WAVE team there. He’s a great soccer player and quite the actor/ signer also! He turned in a great performance along with the 30 some other children! Dawson had one of the main roles in the play and had a signing solo too! I’m really proud of him and his performance. Moreover, I’m proud to see him serving the Lord with all of his gifts and abilities. We really have some great kids on all of our teams!

So all of that plus leading worship at my church on Sunday, helping coordinate 2 services, serve in various other ways, almost running out of gas without my wallet or any cash on me and having to call my really good friend Lora Darrisaw to bail me out of that mess, it was a mildly busy week. Haha. This one will be even more busy if you can believe it! My hot water heater pipe has already started it out to be one that’s gonna keep me moving. Gotta go for now…water’s rising!


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