Worship Like A WiseGuy: Presents


worship like a wiseguy

Watch this clip and think about how you view Jesus.

Is He still the “baby” Jesus to you? Or has the son of God truly been raised up in you? How often do you treat Jesus as though he were a little baby still laying in a manger? How often do you view Jesus as Lord of all creation? How can your view of Jesus shift this Christmas?

What’s in a name? There’s a lot to be sure! From being made fun of for your name to being identified by your name, names not only have value and meaning but they shape and form us into the people we are.  If you take a look at Isaiah 9:6 there are a few names given to Christ in this passage. As you view them, consider how Christ has been your Wonderful Counselor this year. How has He been the Mighty God or the Prince of Peace or the Everlasting Father this year? Make some notes and give glory to God in the highest!

Watch through this video and let the many names of Jesus associated with just his birth wash over you! Be overwhelmed by WHO this Jesus is!
As a mother, one can only image all the thoughts racing through Mary’s mind as the Son of God was born to her. Prayers in her soul made way to her lips and to the child in her arms. The one she was praying to was right there. The one she was praying about was right there! What would you say in this kind of situation?
There is no doubt Mary had all sorts of prayers for her child. If you are a parent or deal with children or students, you too have whispered or shouted prayers to heave for your kids. Why not take some time after watching this video and pray for your family? Name your kids, call them out by name to our Father. And don’t forget to receive a blessing from the Lord yourself as you are His beloved child!
Why exactly did Jesus come? He came to not simply prove His love for us but to do so in a certain, undeniable way. He came to die on a cross for us. Even though Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the cross is always present in the picture of his birth. From the wooden manger on his back at birth, being wrapped in swaddling cloths to the gift of myrrh being brought by a wise man, the birth of Christ points to his death. Watch the He came video and consider exactly why he came!
To worship like a wise guy one has to answer a few pointed questions:
How far are you willing to go? The wise men traveled far to get to the Christ child. This year, millions of us will travel great distances to be with and near loved ones to celebrate the great holiday that is Christmas. Why not make this a Holy Day too? Why not travel the short distance to the cross of Jesus and give yourself to Christ? Why not transcend space and time right now in a personal union with Jesus Christ and make an eternal decision that would change your life forever? That’s what Wise Guys do! They travel to meet with Jesus.
How far is too far for you? Is there anything that would prevent you from worshipping Jesus? Is there any place you would not go for and with Him?
How badly do you want to know? There isn’t  a kid among us who if they saw a package with their name on it all wrapped up under a tree who wold not go over and pick it up, shake it and want to open it right then and there! They want to know! They want to have it NOW!
The wise men traveled far because they wanted to know more about Christ. They had inquired of others before they left on their journey but once they got close they were still not exactly sure. They inquired of Herod and got more information and then made their way. These were not your typical men because they did stop for directions! But that’s the point: they wanted to know! How badly do you want to know? don’t be afraid to ask questions, to wonder, to be lost in the mystery! This is what Christmas is all about; wonder, mystery, discovery! ASK NOW!
How much do you owe? The wise men once finding Jesus brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Before they made those presentations though, they bowed in reverence and humility. They owed this “baby”, this “king” their reverence and their obedience. As they left, they did not heed Herod, they listened to the angel who warned them to go back another way. They were wise in that they paid attention to the right people and took the right advice. Because they listened their lives were spared, they owed Jesus and his angels their lives!
Worshipping like a wise guy means that we heed the Word of the Lord. We don’t just come and give a gift to pay homage and then go live how we want. No! We owe Him everything: our allegiance,  our reverence and our obedience.
This Christmas may I persuade you to look at “presents” three unique ways?

1) Present Yourself.

Make yourself an offering to Jesus this Christmas. Romans 12:1-2 Are you simply trying to wrap yourself up in pretty wrapping paper? Be real with God. Don’t try to hide it in box…unwrap yourself before him. Let Him wrap you up in His love!

2) Present.

Be present with God and with others this Christmas. The great thing about the name Emmanuel is that God is now with us! He wants us to be aware of his “presence”. Commune with Him this Holy Day Season.

3) Presence.

God still wants to give you Himself this Christmas. As you give yourself to Him, He will give Himself to you in new and deeper ways. This Christmas, worship like a wise guy and let God inform and reform you as to Who He really is. Practice the “presents” of Christmas and give yourself away! You’ll be surprised by what all you get back!

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