Christmust: Chaos Theory


Chaos, pure chaos! That’s what Christmas shopping and the Christmas season can bring. From parking feuds to long lines and heated tempers, it’s not long before the Christmas season can wear us out. Songs like Silent Night seem foreign and Grandma Got Run Over become more or a reality during this season of Christmas Chaos.


It’s not just that kind of chaos either! Christmas is difficult for those who have loved ones who have passed away this year or are sick and in the hospital. Christmas chaos surrounds those who are having economic and financial difficulty (which is essentially all of us!) It is the time of year when exams loom over students and broken families deal with the stress of juggling gatherings with children and siblings. Chaos!


As I looked over the scripture though, I found that this was not new at all. In fact, I realized that when Jesus first came there was much chaos surrounding that very first Christmas as well. Imagine the chaos of Mary, being accused of being unfaithful to Joseph. Imagine Joseph being crushed by hearing news his “wife” was pregnant and having to figure how to handle this situation properly. Imagine them on the road back to the city for the census and Mary’s water breaks and they are stuck without a room! Imagine the chaos of that moment trying to find some place “clean” to bring the Son of God into the world and all they have is place filed with animals and filth. Imagine the chaos of hearing that Herod was killing all the babies and having to flee to another country. Christmas chaos.


What’s crazy for me to realize is that with all the chaos that may surround us at these points in time in our lives is that Jesus was in the same kinds of situations! From the beginning of his “earthly” life, He was cast into chaos. Yet it did not frighten him or dissuade Him from coming that way. He was Peace in the midst of Chaos. The angels announced to all those whose lives were frantic and chaotic:


“Glory to God in the highest,

And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”


Jesus was Peace. He still is! May I encourage us all to remember that even though the Christmas Chaos has probably set in well now, that we know the Peace that Christ came to set up in our hearts? It’s awesome to know that Jesus was ok with the chaos of life for it was in that chaos that He revealed Himself as Peace. Peace is not the absence of chaos but the assurance and rest one has in the middle of it all. May you find Jesus in the middle of the chaos with you this Christmas season and learn from Him.



George Lockhart

Vision 2 Hear

Matthew 2:3 

When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. 


Spend some time in the mall or parking lot of the mall and pray peace for those who are there with you and around you as you drive and walk and shop.


Seek to bring and be peace for someone whose life is extremely chaotic this season.


Meditate on passages of peace. Listen to Silent Night each day leading up to Christmas.




What kind of chaos am I dealing with this Christmas season?


How are relief and peace different?


How do I seek peace? Is it the right way?


Am I resting in assurance that Jesus is with me in the midst of my chaos or do I feel abandoned?


Do I create chaos?


How can I be peace for someone else?


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