Christmas Journal: Timing

Merry Christmas

“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2:6-7


Timing is everything. Punctuality is important and cannot be overstated. But this is not an issue we have to worry about with God. He is not contained within or bound by time. However He works within time to accomplish His plans and purposes. We can rest assured thatHe is always and forevermore will be right on time!

Now I have to admit that there are times when I wish God would move a little earlier than He does. There are also times I wish He would not stretch my faith so far as to have me wait until the very last second until He comes through.Yet I must say that in the end, God’s timing is impeccable!

It’s then that I wonder why I questioned His timing. Isn’t He the One who sees the whole big picture? Isn’t He the One whose footstool is earth, looking down watching all that happens?Isn’t He involved in all that happens? Isn’t He intimately acquainted with every intimate detail of our lives? Can’t we trust Him to always be on time? Has He ever been late…ever?

As I thought through a couple things from today’s passage, I just wanted to remind us of a few things:

The Promise was fulfilled in a completely different way and time.

Who can say how many prayers had been offered for the Messiah to come? Who can say how many different ways it could have been carried out? Yet, God in His timing and plan, sent Jesus as a baby wrapped in a manger after years and years of waiting. The timing had to be just that way, in a way no one expected, through a young girl expecting.

Simply looking at the lineage of Jesus, one can easily see how the timing worked out. Looking at the history of the Jews and Romans and their way of life made it the perfect time for Christ to come and then be able to offer His life as a sacrifice for us. And at just the right time, He did.

Some situations are pregnant with possibility; don’t miss them!

Mary carried the Christ Child for around 9 months as most women do:that’s just how it works. But, there came a time when that pregnancy would give birth to not only the Promise but to more possibilities than anyone could have ever imagined! Even with all of our technology, no one can ever pinpoint exactly when the “due date” for a pregnancy is but there can be some definite possibilities. Only God knows the exact date and time of the birth of the Promise.

What “promises” are you awaiting God to fulfill in your life? What situations are pregnant with possibilities but your are not sure of the timing? Just wait.

Mary had to carry that Promise until the right time. It is easy for us to think that since God has given us the Promise that He is also going to give us an exact time but God doesn’t do that. He works within time but doesn’t always reveal exactly when or where or how. Mary had to simply carry the Promise as the Promise was placed within her. It was up to God to determine the place and time as to when the Promise would be revealed.

Waiting may be hard but enjoy expecting.

It is no easy task to wait for or carry a child. But there is much to be said about the joy of “expecting”. One thing is for sure, whatever God has placed within each and everyone of us, He will bring forth at just the right time to reveal His Son once again. And one, Christ Himself will come again, in flesh and bone. No one knows exactly when but we can be sure He will be right on time!


Spend some time with an expecting mother or family. Notice the joys, struggles, and questions about timing or planning and preparations.


Think back to when you and your family were experiencing pregnancy. Remember the joy, difficulties etc of the time in your life. Reflect on God’s timing in it all and how He has used that timing to perfect and produce other possibilities and promises to you.

Think about a business or ministry venture and remember the timing issue. Look back and remember all God has shown to you about His plan, purpose and possibilities that come from His Promises being fulfilled in His perfect timing.

What moments seem to be pregnant with possibilities now? What promises has God given you to cling too or placed within you?

What are you “expecting”? Are you willing to carry the burden full term? Are you willing to wait for God’s timing?

George Lockhart

Vision 2 Hear Ministries

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