New Year Preparations

New Year’s Eve is an important time of the year for me. I try to take some time and reflect and plan and pray over the New Year and all God has for me and for V2H. Would you join me in this process, if by nothing else than remembering me in prayer as I go through the process. Here are questions I will contemplate over the next few days:

How did 2011 begin and how did it end?

Did the course I ran coincide with God’s Will and purposes?

How did I see God at work in and around me?

How did I limit God in 2011? How did God reveal His limitlessness in 2011?

What lessons did I learn? What lessons did I teach?

What relationships were strengthened? Which ones need to be strengthened?

Where did I fail? Succeed?

Where do I need to improve? Where do I need to focus?

Where do I need to relax and be patient?

Where does God want to use me? How does God want to use me?

In what way did I resist change? Embrace change?

Which people do I invest the majority of time with over the next year?

What qualities are important for me to develop/God developing in me over the next year?

To where will I travel?

How will I disciple people over the next year?

In what ways can I better use my time, talent or skills?

What new skills do I need to develop to become more fruitful?

How does my personality affect ministry? What can I do to minimize misunderstanding?

How can I improve communication? Organization? Discipline in my life?


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