New Year: Tools for the Journey



Tools For The JourneyAny trip to anywhere requires a few things to happen. I’d like to briefly explore these thoughts with you:A map/plan/destination. A trip usually has a purpose and that purpose usually helps us with our planning. As you look at the coming year, it is essential to “map” out where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to accomplish in this trip of life. We know our “eternal” destination but what about the stops along the way? We will need to eat, get gas, sightsee etc. It is important to plan, schedule and take time to enjoy the trip. All business trips should contain not only an element of education but recreation. Shouldn’t this be true of life as well?

Pack well. There’s nothing worse than taking a trip and bringing what you don’t need, not having what you do need and or forgetting to take care of things before you left home. For the year ahead, taking time to pack, plan and make sure you have what you need, remove extraneous items and be focused on taking care of what’s important. Too often when on a trip, we can become consumed by the wrong things. Taking care of things early this month can help set the tone for the entire year.

Don’t run out of gas! Paying attention to your vehicle is vitally important. Poor maintenance and bad tires can surely prevent one from making it to their destination the way they intended. But nothing can be more frustrating than simply running out of gas because of a failure to pay attention to the gauge. God gives us our bodies and feelings to help us monitor what kind of maintenance may be needed. Preventative maintenance is always best. Taking time to recharge, refresh and renew are things we should all take into consideration for the New Year ahead.

Traffic and roadblocks. Every trip runs the possibility of having some kind of difficulty. Whether it’s a bad driver, someone texting while driving, or even a drunk-driver, there are people who are on the journey with you or near you who are not as concerned about the destination as much as they are about the “moment”.  As a traveler, we must watch out for those things which could inhibit, prohibit or prevent a safe arrival for ourselves or others. Beware of being distracted on the journey. Pay attention to the road signs and signals God sends and gives to warn and redirect. It is a narrow road which means there may not be much of shoulder should we become careless.


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