Creative Spiritual Insights: What If?


Asking “what if” can be a very important question when dealing with issues of faith. The questions can range from:

What if I had never been saved to what if Jesus had never died?

We could also look at:

what if I choose to sin to what if I chose to love?

 Answering these questions can also play a very significant role in determining the outcome of someone’s life.

Thinking about questions like this too can help direct and solidify decisions:

What if I were to follow Jesus completely, unconditionally?

What if the Lord comes back today?

What if the Lord sends me to another country?

What if I lost all my friends and had to stand alone?

Here are a few more important questions to consider:

What if I don’t live up to my potential? or my name? or my promises?


What if I were to lose all my material possessions?


What if I lost a loved one?


What if the Lord never explained the reasons why to some of my questions?









As you think through these questions and more of your own, let me encourage from some Bible characters and possible “What if” questions:

Ester: “What if God has put me here for a time such as this?”

Moses: “What if God wants to use me as a leader among the people of a nation?”

Joshua: “What if I am the next in command?”

Jonah: “What if the Lord wants me to love the people I dislike and hate?”

Joseph: “What if I am seduced?” “or falsely accused?” “or hated by my family?” “or forgotten?”

Barnabas: “What if this kid just needs a second chance?”

Peter: “What if I could walk on water and be just like Jesus?”

John: “What if Jesus really does love me that much?”

Paul: “What if I could be used by God with all my past?”

Thief on the cross: “What if He really is the Son of God?”

Jesus: “What if I lay down my life for them?”



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