January News Update: Miami January 1-6

Trevor and I have been in Miami since the New Year began. What a great way to kick-off the New Year! After getting very little sleep on New Year’s Eve because of watching the “Nugget Drop” in McDonough, GA, we headed to the airport about 5am from Conyers, GA.

Chick-Fil-A Nugget Drop McDonough, GA

I also got to ride a mechanical bull…I stayed on much longer than I expected! It was awesome!

We got to the airport and made the flight without any issue. Once we got to Ft Lauderdale though, it was a little more challenging. Mike Liebler was having some major car issues and wasn’t able to get us until several hours later. So we were at the airport hanging out for a while. Thankfully they have free internet there!!! That was awesome!

Monday was a holiday and there was no school. We were able to rest and enjoy some downtime.

The rest of the week has been very good but surprisingly cold for Miami! We have literally been freezing down here! Fortunately, I brought a fleece I got for Christmas and I was able to pick up the coolest hat of the century!

The theme I’m using for the week at King’s Christian is “Experiencing The Presence of Jesus”. Yesterday I spoke about how so many of us in America feel like we deserve something. Especially with Christmas having just passed, I addressed the idea of entitlement. The thrust of the message was what we “deserve” we don’t get and what we get in Christ we don’t deserve. Today’s message was focused on helping the kids understand just how great God loves us even though inwardly we are all really monsters masquerading about. The session tomorrow will focus on the Love of Jesus and how that presence changes us and Friday will focus on our love for Him and a response to that love. Please be in prayer for us this week!


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