Creative Spiritual Insights: The Main Thing



It’s very easy to misdiagnose the problem or focus on the wrong things. People can spend their whole lives working toward a goal or an end that doesn’t satisfy them or provide any kind of contribution that outlives them. It is a question of what is urgent or what is important. It is a question of what is paramount or what is pressing.

Jesus was constantly faced with many pressing needs and overwhelming pains of people. Even though he was filled with compassion and often interacted with people, healing them and changing their lives, he was unable to do that for each person he encountered. Moreover, this was not his primary reason for coming anyway. His primary mission was not physical healing but rather spiritual. He was not to be deterred from fixing that problem. Even though people wanted to usher him in as the reigning King then and there, Jesus kept his face and heart set toward Jerusalem , the place he was going in order to die. He was out to solve the sin problem once and for all! Every pother problem stemmed from this one. To deal with anything less was to treat the symptom and not the problem.


What things seem to distract you from the main goal?

What can you do to keep the main thing the main thing?

What do the symptoms of your problem seem to be pointing to as the main issue?

What remedies do you need to take to ensure that your remain focused and on track with solving the problem?

Is there more than one problem?

Is there more than one remedy?


For mankind, there is only one remedy and His name is Jesus! Because Christ kept His focus, He was able to deliver us. He has solved our problem!

 51 As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

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