Let There Be Light at WinterJam


Had an awesome encounter with someone in line at Winterjam. With thousand of people waiting in line, and some of them that I would even be trying to find, it is no small thing to meet somone you don’t know who saw you a month ago at a mall.  I think he said his name was Michael and his wife, who wasn’t present, was Deann. Anyway, they saw us at the Mall of GA  for the Christmas performance. It is very likely that this was the reason we were at the mall back then and why I was even at Winterjam now.

Michael had been waiting the right moment to approcah me. You know how it is when you see someone you think you know and then it turns out not being them. It’s kind of embarrassing. The thing about it is that I didn’t know him. But he knew me and Vision 2 Hear. He said he said a prayer just before asking me if I was “the guy who does sign language and was at the Mall of Georgia last month.” A little surprised I said yes and he went on to tell me that he and his wife saw us performing.  This was such an important thing for them because 2 years ago his wife developed a degenerative nerve disease which has forced her into a wheelchair. He had to leave his employment to some large degree to care for her. This disease causes her much pain and even a touch of her leg can be excruciating.

They were at the mall trying to get into the Christmas Spirit and finish up some Christmas shopping. As they were passing us by we were finishing up one of our songs. Intrigued  by the sign language since Deann once worked with special needs kids in a school, they stopped to watch. They were only able to catch 2 songs but that’s all they needed.

Michael was telling me that as we signed Let There Be Light, Deann lit up herself. He said he had not seen her smile as such in months. He also went on to say that she was so enthused because we were speaking her language being that she knew some signs having worked with special needs kids for several years. As we wrapped up the song, he told me they both had tears in their eyes and were so blessed by those few minutes. He said it was at that point that Christmas began for them!
As we stood outside in the long line at Winterjam, wih tears in his eyes again, Michael graciously thanked us again for taking the time to do what we do. We then took a few moments to pray for Deann and their family as they transition and travel trough these difficult and hard days. We snapped a few pictures to remember the moment God created on the sidewalk in the middle of ten thousand people. I praise God for that encounter and for the opportunity we had to meet Michael. After the show show, I passed him again in the crowd with his two sons. We high-fived as we passed and said farewell. I’m sure I’ll meet he and Deann again in Heaven one day, if not at a Skillet concert again soon. I’ll look forward to performing Let There Be Light one more time and have them join us!



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