Creative Spiritual Insights: Why, Oh Why?



Probably the “mother” of all questions, “Why” doesn’t have to be negative in it’s connotation. It can certainly stimulate and conjure up some great ideas and concepts and even reveal vast amounts truth, understanding and revelation when we seek out the answers and pay attention to what we find. Some people fear asking “why” because they really don’t want to know the truth while others cannot seem to stop asking the 3-letter question. Asking “why” doesn’t always lead to answers but can sometimes lead to more questions. This is nothing to fear. There is nothing wrong with questions. God is ok with our questions as long as we are ok with his answers, which may happen to be: I’m not gonna tell you. Just trust me. I’m God”.

13 Why do you complain to him
that he responds to no one’s words?
14 For God does speak—now one way, now another—
though no one perceives it. Job 33:13-14


Why are you afraid to ask “why”? 

Why is your life the way it is?

Why have you ignored God?

Why have you chosen to follow God?

Why have you responded to life the way you have?

Why has God chosen you?

Why do you exist?

Why do others like or dislike you?

Why do others affect you so much? 

Why don’t you trust God more?

Why won’t you believe?


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