Hunger is not a game.

I don’t have to really go into all the details about how many people are dying of hunger around the world and even in our own country, do I? I don’t really have to go into detail about how many of those are children, do I? Do I have to go into detail about how much food we waste each year, let alone how much we discard because of the simple blemishes that make them “imperfect” to “sell”? And yet there are so many people that we could help in the smallest of ways that could not only make a difference now but in someone’s future.

Check this link from the Food Network: The Big Waste

The fact of the matter is that we have so much that waste and do so on a daily basis. We have so much that we should be thankful for and yet never really consider the fact we should be thankful: and that is because so many simply do not even have ACCESS to all that we waste!

I know it happens to me a lot and probably to you also. We all pass people on the road holding signs asking for money for food. We see them and the thoughts flood our minds of why they are where they are. Or maybe how we are glad it’s “them” and not us. Or maybe we have some modicum of sympathy or empathy and we stop and give a little “spare” change. What would happen if we took the things we could really “spare” and gave it for a change? What would it be like if we stopped giving to make ourselves feel good and gave until it hurt? Maybe that’s the point….we don’t hurt at all for anything?

This is not a blog meant to try and guilt you into doing something as much as it is to encourage you and spur you on for more good works. It’s meant to remind you that if each of us just did a little more…or if we did a lot more than we are used too, we could make a bigger difference.

Here are a few things to consider:

Start where you are. When you see someone who needs a little help…help! Don’t just drive by. Stop and help. This goes for anything. Make it a practice to be the Good Samaritan. When you see someone who is hungry, don’t just toss a few coins in the cup, buy them some food then and there. Share a meal with them. Buy a gift card so they can have food for the future. Get their names, their stories and pray with them.

Invest by eating less. Eating less is probably not only more “healthy” for most of us but it also allows for less waste. Less waste and “waist”. I couldn’t resist! Take the money you save by simply buying less and give it to a needy country. Buy rice and goats through organizations that will deliver them to needy people around the world.

Teach your kids about hunger and poverty. Don’t let kids throw away their food. Eat what you take and only take what you will eat. Having traveled around the world and staying in many different countries, food is not something we throw away if we don’t like the “taste” or “texture”. It’s food and necessary to have to survive. As my friend Moses says: “In America, you live to eat. In Africa, we eat to live.” Help you kids understand that it’s important to “clean your plate” and finish all the food that’s there. Have a contest to see how little you can waste in a month. Do a new version of the “Biggest Loser” and cut back on the food waste!


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