Helping the homeless one-at-a-time.

While in NC visiting family and friends, I decided to play a game with some of “my” kids.  We were going to go on a photo scavenger hunt that included many different things photograph yourself doing.

Before we really got going, we decided to stop to eat at McDonald’s. Well it was really to order McDonald’s and eat it in the car; that’s what they wanted to do. Anyway, while we were finishing up I saw this guy standing across the street holding up a sign. I don’t even know what the sign said but I thought he could probably use some food. So I took advantage of this teachable moment and went back in to get him some lunch. The kids were great too, as they wanted to offer their apples and some fries they had not eaten to the cause.

I ordered him a burger and fry meal and then got a gift card with some more cash on it so he could eat again later. I explained to the boys that we didn’t just want to help him now but to also be part of his future. By giving him a gift card, we could have continued ministry with him beyond this moment.

We walked it over, introduced ourselves and told him that we were on a photo scavenger hunt and we had stopped to eat and saw him. We wanted to bring him some food and be a blessing. He was very appreciative and told us a little about his life. He was from near the Keys in Florida and had come up to Morehead City trying to find work at the port.

We talked a few moments and then we prayed together. It was a great time and lesson for us all. Be praying for Mike as he looks for work and ask God for His continued blessings on his life.

(Side-note: Nathan Smoker was there with us but I accidentally snapped the pic, cutting him out. It’s so hard to do self shots and get everyone in the frame!)


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