Photo Scavenger Hunt

We started out the scavenger hunt by standing atop this boat that was for sale depicting a scene from Titanic pre-iceberg. Here is a pic post-iceberg:

We made a stop to get some gas. The list said get .07 of gas. I didn’t have .07 but I had .27 so I went in to ask for .07 and get change. The lady said I couldn’t get .07 so I asked for .27 and she said ok. She wasn’t very pleased with my request.

We then met Mike the Homeless guy outside of McDonald’s and gave him some food and prayed together.

We made a few crazy pics in Walmart doing things like putting our hands in toasters, dog piling each other and putting a plunger on my head.

We did several more goofy things throughout the day like stuffing into a shopping cart to climbing trees. The ultimate pic and scene of the day was when we decided to go through a drive-thru in reverse. It was awesome!!! As I backed up to the speaker so Nathan on the passenger side could order, a lady from Baskins was taking out the trash. She immediately called to me to inform me that I was driving backwards. To which I responded: “Yes”.  And then we went on. After we ordered we backed to the window as seen here:

The girl at the window was surprised and delighted as she said: “we have never seen this before!” And that’s exactly what I was going for! It was an awesome day.


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