Review of the weekend: Presbyterian Mission Conference

















Nathan and I got to spend the weekend with some wonderful folks from Virginia and Tennessee. We were gathered together for the Presbyterian Mission Conference and what a great time it was! The groups graciously invited me back to be their keynote speaker this year and I definitely had a great time being with them once again!



















We worshipped together several times with me doing some music and then me sharing about Mission Possible: Holy Ghost Protocol, a play off of Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible movie. I encouraged the groups about God’s call to be people who “go” and who live “on mission”.



















As the weekend progressed, we had a couple of people pace their faith in Christ on Saturday evening with almost the entire group (about 75) taking a stand on their chairs and jumping off, symbolizing their leap of faith to trust God with their futures.
















Nathan shared some of his testimony also during the weekend reminding everyone that here are people who struggle with lots of hidden addictions and pain and need people to love them into God’s kingdom. He encouraged everyone to let God use their story. Over the weekend, Nathan also turned 18!! Yay for Nathan.


















As the weekend came to a close we wrapped up knowing that God had truly met with us as we heard some stories of how God had been changing people, inspiring people, convicting people and calling people. It was definitely a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for your prayers! Continue to pray for all those who heard God’s call and command to go…They have chosen to accept their missions…May God bless them all!





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