I was just talking with a friend of mine about how political things are handled. How it’s so sad and frustrating when people of God who are called His children should model forgiveness and yet cannot seem to do so.

What seems to limit us is our minds and inability to forgive and “forget”. Because we can’t get beyond this issue of remembering, truly being able to exercise forgiveness toward some is understandable. But this is also what blows my mind is that the God of the universe, the infinite and almighty omniscient God can somehow forgive me! he knows all things, “remembers” all things and doesn’t hold them against me. I don’t understand how he can cast them into the sea of “forgetfulness”? If we could do that, forgiving would be a breeze, right?

Is that the essence of forgiving, though? Isn’t forgiving more about exercising trust and love while remembering? Isn’t it giving people another chance knowing our own propensity toward failing again? Isn’t forgiveness more about the forgiver than the forgiven? Hmmm…maybe that’s it. Forgiveness is really about my ability to extend grace and compassion as opposed to a person deserving it. In all reality no one would even “deserve” forgiveness unless they somehow failed. It’s all about power, right? We want to exercise the power to extend forgiveness to people we want too or that we feel somehow deserve it and by limiting when and how much (how much?) we hold power over them.

All I can say is that I am certainly glad God doesn’t treat me the way his people do. I’m glad to be forgiven and by the one who really does hold all the power! He has chosen to exercise something toward me that I could never explain, understand or deserve. Perhaps this is the way I would be most measured like Christ on earth, by my forgiveness toward all those who hurt me? Love covers a multitude of sin. Where’s the love?

George Lockhart


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