Valentine’s Day: I’m Not A Love-Hater
















I’m not a “love”-hater. I love life most times. I love most people. I love lots of food. I love my gadgets and electronics when they are working for me! I love being able to spend time with friends and family and all the people who make me feel special. I love God and Christ and being able to serve in the ways I get to in their name! I’m not short on love! I’m not absent of love. I’m not vacant of the emotion nor the reality of love and the affects of love and being loved.

I am aware of the pain and heartache of being hurt by others who “love” you. I am aware of the feelings of isolation and loneliness that fills many hearts not just today but most days. I am acquainted with the suffering and unending sorrow that fills hearts who have little to no hope.

I will experience many of these things today and possibly within the next several hours. This is life. This is love or lack of being loved. This is the world. This is the reality of many people on a day like today.

I’m not a love-hater! I just want us to be aware of what real love is all about. It IS about giving! It IS about sharing! But do we really need another stuffed animal or to be stuffed ourselves on another costly meal? Do we really need to give an expensive bouquet of flowers which will be dead in a week’s time? I’m not a love-hater! I’m just saying look at the reality of those of us who say we really love the things of God.

The average person will spend $126.03 today to celebrate love.

About $4.1 Billion will be spent on jewelry today.

About $4.52 will be spent on people’s pets…does Fido really need a “valentine”?

Last year a day after Valentine’s Day 28,672 people signed up for, a website dedicated to infidelity.


The list is endless for the ways we can find to celebrate love with those we know. Here’s a more extensive list:

Even though it’s Valentine’s Day where many of us in the “loving” and “being loved” world will spend over 17 Billion dollars on expressing that love, there will still be 526,000 children who will die…not because they did’t get chocolate but because they didn’t get water. Where is the love for them? Where are those who will shed a tear over that? Where are those who will forgo a box of chocolates for some clean water? Where are those who will not only give to their loved ones but also to the ones who have no one? What would it be like if we used just a portion of the money we willingly and frivolously spend on “love” to provide food and sanitation for people around the world?

I guess my desire today is to simply remind and be reminded that the world really does need love. People all around us and people around the world. There will be people we will encounter throughout the day who will not get a card, nor flowers, nor a meal. There are billions of people around the world today who will not drink water much less a glass of wine or even a large sweet tea! There are  tons of people who will go throughout today and never even have an inkling what it means to love or be loved and I think that’s what bothers me most. I’m not a love-hater. I just hate that love is “celebrated” like this. What if we could do a little less celebrating today and share the love all year long? What if we could go without another stuffed animal or giving our pets a valentine day gift? We somehow are ok with treating our pets like people and other people we don’t know or “love” like animals. This is what I hate! I am pretty sure God does too.

So on a day that celebrates love, may I encourage us all to live out love and to love from the depths of our hearts not just our wallets? May I encourage you to prayerfully consider where and how you spend your portion of the $17 Billion today! May I encourage you to give a gift to someone who will receive nothing at all today unless you give it? That would truly be a Valentine. Overcome hate with LOVE. Start today!


George Lockhart



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