Lent Thoughts Day 1


Luke 4:1-13

*Jesus was tempted greatly during this 40 day period. In a time of spiritual focus I can be expect to be tempted by the evil one to test my resolve.


*When tempted one must use the WORD of GOD to overcome.


*We are “led” into the wilderness by the Spirit of God. Testing and trials come as part of our growth. Temptations come from the evil one as a way to shortcut and circumvent God’s intended plan. God intended for Jesus to have this time to fast and pray before his ministry began and the evil one came to dissuade him during that time and turn it into a time for Jesus to focus on himself. Jesus had to be resolved to focus on others during this time, keeping in mind that He came to die for the world.


Temptations will take on 3 basic forms:

Physical Needs and Desires

Power and Authority

Prestige and Worship



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