More thoughts on Lent Day 1

Luke 4:1-13


Decisions need to be based on the Word of God…not what is right in front of you. Making decisions based on what can be seen alone is not a decision based in faith. Jesus was tempted to satisfy himself with something that could be seen and immediately be felt. He chose to obey God’s word and wait for God’s timing instead.


Satisfaction is found in obedience not substance.


Jesus was tempted trade in complete obedience to God for a short-term kingdom. Jesus kept Himself Heavenly minded. He made a decision based on God’s Kingdom. For Jesus, he was being tested with and about having an earthly kingdom with power or recognition. People didn’t recognize him for who he was. Yet Jesus did not succumb to the popularity and powerful position plan. He took the path of servant and worshiped God with his life.


Jesus was not into being “spectacular”. Instead of doing something with a huge “wow” factor like throwing himself off a building and proving he was who he said he was, instead  he walked away knowing there was nothing to prove to his accuser. He did not need to prove anything to anyone. He had the full acceptance of His Heavenly Father.


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