Lent Thoughts Day 2

Romans 8:1-17

What is simply amazing is that there is no condemnation for us! How can this be? Christ has come to set us free not to enslave us to more bondage…even though we graciously become his servants and slaves because of what he has done for us!

We are Set Free Because God:

Sent his Son as a

Sin Offering who

Condemned Sin and

Satisfied the Law.

Our minds show what we are living after: the flesh or the Spirit. What things we think about and consume our thoughts reveal what nature we are feeding.

Flesh = hostility toward God, incapable of pleasing God, death in life and after life toward God.

Spirit = life and peace toward God. Pleases God in this life and afterlife.

The Spirit within is evidence that we belong to God. God’s Spirit within gives us life in our dead bodies.

We are to put to death the things of death and live freely by the Spirit.

The Spirit makes us Children of God. The Spirit then:

leads us, adopts us, testifies to us and others, ministers to us in suffering and glorifies Christ through us.

Christ has accomplished for us and in us what we could never do on our own. His willful decision to come and suffer in our place has made it possible to set us free from sin’s grip and allow us to freely run into God’s arms.

The Source Code has been broken and we have a New Source Code being written within us even as we speak. The Spirit of God is re-writing who we are, engrafting His Life Code into our very own DNA!

Focusing on the life that is in Christ leads to a wide open view of life. Being focused on the law is like trying to squeeze into a pair of pants and shirt that juts doesn’t fit any more. God wants me to focus on what he has done not on what I’m trying to do! Be paying attention to what God is doing in me and through me. Pay attention to the Life-Giver and not the Life-Taker called sin. Allow Christ to be the center of attention; this is how you will know you really belong to Christ!

Move on! Don’t waste a lot of time wrestling with sin…just bury it! Enter into the resurrection life that is already inside of you through Christ! Run to God, who is your Dad now and exclaim with great excitement and anticipation: “I”m ready for whatever and whoever you want for me to be! Make me your Child and let me share in life together with you!”


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