Becoming Fully Alive Part 2

Matthew 4:18-22

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? We eat comfort foods and love comfortable beds. We enjoy the modern conveniences of running water and air conditioning and long for more and more comfort. Anything to make life easier. There’s nothing wrong with a little comfort. However, comfort often leads to laziness and mediocrity and if there’s one thing I am convinced of it’s that God does not want us to live a life of mediocrity! That lifestyle is diametrically opposed to being fully alive. If we want ease and comfort , then following Jesus is not a smart or wise option. Following Jesus will radically change the way you look at everything ultimately changing the way  you live your life. It will cause you evaluate if you are really, truly, fully alive at all.

When Jesus said that he had come to give us life and life full and abundant, that did not mean pain free or without cost to us. What it DID mean in every aspect though was that we would no longer be content to just have comfortable lives of a meager existence. When Jesus said this, his intention was to clue us into the life that was beyond anything we have ever been familiar with before.

In the passage of Matthew 4:18-22, Jesus calls the first disciples away from everything that was familiar: their homes, their families, their jobs, their source of income, the possibilities of what they thought they would accomplish. God calls us and that call demands that we move.

What tends to happen is that we become so entrenched in our daily life and routine, going about making money that we never consider making an impact. Jesus calls these young men from their jobs, from their families, to come and follow him. Deep down Jesus knows not only their potential for becoming something greater than they are but also more than what they are willing to settle for in the future. We have to realize that it is these very things that numb and deaden us. Our sense of security is often found in one or several of these things: family, friends, finances, and even our futures. Christ however, wants us to find our security in Him alone.

What we don’t realize is that we really “feel” most alive when we are NOT comfortable and when we are NOT completely sure of how everything is gonna turn out. Being able to predict everything, manage our lives and even “control” God (like that’s possible), is what we think life is all about.  Being fully alive is about losing control of our lives and trusting ourselves to someone greater than ourselves. Jesus calls his followers to come into a future that they cannot construct on their own. They can’t explain it. They can’t control it. This future may not be comfortable or even “secure” but it will most certainly be full of LIFE!

God calls us from pursuing our careers and comforts to the complete pursuit and centrality of  Christ.  People who are fully alive are people who have made God’s call their number one priority and everything in their lives gives precedence to that calling.What the first disciples felt like was their place in life was replaced by a greater calling. No one would have faulted them or thought less of them for doing their family business and making it their livelihood. However, Jesus takes them beyond that and says he is going to make them something entirely unique and different. They knew what fishing for fish was like but who in the world knew what it meant to be a “fisher of men”?  They became fully alive not because it was safe or secure but because they shifted their perspective from one on earth to one of the kingdom. They moved from the safety of nets to netting a real future and destiny. They moved from comfort zones to danger zones. They became fully alive!

Jesus promised to take the disciples and show them a whole new different way to live and way to make a life. He promises to do the same for us if we are wiling to walk away from the familiar and embrace the unknown. It’s not comfortable but nothing else in life compares!


George Lockhart


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