Lent Thoughts Day 5

Psalm 51


When we sin, we must rely on the gracious heart of God. Sin destroys us and others and leads to the demise of our relationships.


Because of God’s gracious heart, faithful love, abundant compassion, our rebellion is forgive.

Sin = rebellion against God’s intention for us.


Not only do we need to be cleansed from sin but we need to be set free from the guilt, which often lingers after the deed is done.


We must recognize that our sin is ultimately against God alone. Even though our sin often involves others, in so doing we have taken up fault against God.


In confessing, we must be be conscious of our sin. God doesn’t want general glossing over sin but a deep cleansing of sin, which requires brutal honesty sometimes.
We are guilty when we stand before God who is the good and just judge. We were not only caught in sin before but we were conceived with it in us. We cannot escape it but it can be overcome within us.


God just wants us to be honest about our situation and state of being. Covering up and trying to hide anything from him is just absurd. Confession is not meant to unveil something to God but to bring it to our own knowledge and understanding of our offense and repercussions.


God is the only one who can create a clean heart. This is a heart that must be “created”. It is not simply “implanted” in us. God uses things and people to share and create this heart within.


This prayer of confession is one for God to RENEW, RESTORE and RETURN to God. This is the process of REPENTANCE.


The author moves on to say that he will RELAY these things to others by teaching them God’s ways.


With Lent being often about sacrifice, God is not pleased by the sacrifices but the heart. God doesn’t want or need a sacrifice. What God wants is our hearts of humility and love. When we come before God confessing our sins, we don’t come demanding anything, we come pleading in penitent request of God for forgiveness.


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