Lent Thoughts Day 8

Luke 15:11-32

A man had a two sons, one of which came and asked for his inheritance before his father died. He demanded to have what was reserved for later. He was essentially saying to his dad: “you’re as good as dead to me” or “the only thing you are good for is your money”.

How often do we treat others and even God like this? We just want them to give us what we want. We feel like we know what’s best and are mature enough to handle anything and everything.

From this story, the young man was certainly not mature enough to handle what the father gave him.

It’s crazy to think that the father would go ahead and give it to him but the father’s heart for the boy must have been great.

It is so important to not come to God and demand something, he may just give it to us. Sometimes God gives us what we “want” to help us realize it’s not really what we wanted after all. Be careful with your requests, God just may give you what you ask for!

The boy went out and wasted what he had been given.

Wow how often do I do this? It’s so easy to waste what you did not “work” for. Working really does change the perception of the value.

On the flip side, I do value many things that are given to me more than things I “work” for. They are gifts and tresures from people’s hearts. How much more should this boy have treasured all that the father gave him. The father had made it possible for the boy to not have to “work” but to have a better life and yet the boy blew it, throwing away all he had been given!

This is such an important lesson: don’t waste what you have been given! Don’t throw away what came easy. Invest what you have into the future instead of using it unwisely now!

The boy ended up feeding pigs and desiring to eat what they had to eat. He was completely at an end of himself. He had gone lower than he could have ever possibly imagined! As has been said before; “Some people gotta learn the hard way”. Don’t let this be you!


When life comes to the very bottom we are usually then much more receptive to looking up at God. the young man came to his senses! Am I making sense with my life? Does what I am doing make sense?


Where is any of this leading? That was a question he had to answer. His present state was nothing that it had to be. He could at bare minimum be a servant in his father’s house and be thousand times better off than where he was!


He admitted his fallacy, failure, and returned to the father. He had a repentant heart being willing to return home and face his dad. He did not try to clean anything up, embellish the story or put himself in any good light. He simply confessed his sin, his need, his acceptance of the consequences.


But the father would have none of this! Isn’t that just like God? In fact the story says the father came running to his son. How often does God come running toward us? He’s searching the horizon, looking in anticipation, awaiting us to trust his heart to forgive us!


The father wastes no time, expects no explanation, but heartily welcomes home his son with an exuberant celebration! The father will accept no other title for the son other than “son”. The son is not a “servant” and will not be treated like one by the father.


How awesome is our God who treats us like sons and daughters! Who hugs us and welcomes us with our filthy rags!


the forgiveness the father shows is truly incredible! It goes without saying that the father’s love for his child is unconditional. How much more if Our Father’s love unconditional!


With forgiveness comes restoration and fellowship. Praise be to God who has done this for us through Jesus Christ!


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