Lent Thoughts Day 9

Ephesians 4:25-32, 5:1-2

Stop lying to each other and start telling the truth.

We all belong to each other and are part of one body.

It is possible to be angry and not sin. This means that there is a righteous anger over things that are wrong. We are able to handle anger in ways that are productive and not destructive.

When you are angry with another person, make sure you settle the dispute before the day’s end so it doesn’t carry over and ruin another day. This just opens the door for Satan to come in and steal more time and destroy more of the relationship.

If you have a problem with stealing, get a job and get to work so you can afford the things you want. But remember that we don’t just work to meet our needs but to be part of meeting other’s needs too.

Don’t let foul language be your seasoning salt. Instead use your language to build others up and encourage other people. Don’t tear people down, there’s enough people doing that already. Be different!

You grieve God’s Spirit when you do any of these things. And not just God’s Spirit in you but God Himself! When you offend others through the way you interact, it hurts God and God’s work!

Things like:







all need to be removed.

It’s time to move to a different beat!

Instead one should be:




Because this is the way Christ is toward you.

So be a great imitation of God and let his love flow freely from you. Walk in such a way…live in such a way…move in such a way that it’s just like Jesus when He came and gave Himself as a sacrificial and fragrant offering to God!


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