Lent Thoughts Day 11


Psalm 130

We can cry out to God…out of the deepest depths we can cry out.  The Lord will listen to our voices, he will ned his ear toward earth and listen to our cries for help.

He doesn’t hold our sins against us. If he did, who would ever stand a chance?

God forgives us so we can stand in his presence and worship him face to face.

We wait. We hope.

We hope in his word. His promise. More than we wait and watch for anything else, let us wait and watch for the Lord.  It’s easy to anticipate and expect many things in life but we need to hold out hope for the Lord.

We hold out hope and get excited about many things but are we really excited about the Lord? Do we really expect and anticipate His return?

Israel, take hope in the Lord. Christian! Take hope in the Lord. There is a faithful love with Him. He will not abandon. He will not forget. He will not neglect. He will not relent. There is redemption, abundant redemption and forgiveness in Him. He will forgive the sins of Israel. He will forgive the sins of those who love and follow Him. He has bought us back Himself…with His own blood. He loves and He has proven it time and again.

Lord thank you that you have made such promises to me. Thank you that you are with me and that you hear my cries but not mine alone. You hear the cries of all those who are without anyone. You hear the cries of tose who are fatherless, who are weary and worn. You hear the cries from the depths of our hearts that we cannot even vocalize. Those things for which we wish we had words but cannot find them. Thank you that you hear us; that you know us!

Lord, I pray that you would help me to hear those same things. Lord make me aware of the needs and cries around me. Help me to be aware of our presence and to make your presence known through me. Open up our hearts and minds today to yourself and your word. Make us a people who care about the things of God.

Lord help me to grow in anticipation and expectation of the things you want and can do through me. Lord, help me to become more and more excited about who you are and what you can do. That my hope and joy and love would be found in you.



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