Lent Thoughts Day 12

Genesis 22:1-19

God gives people tests. Tests are given to see what people know and believe. No teacher wants a student to fail. Tests are given to show what the student has learned.

God asks Abraham for his son. This is obviously a picture of Jesus coming and of what God is gonna do for the human race.

When God asks Abraham for Isaac, Abraham doesn’t talk it over or reason with God about the request. Instead, he simply makes preparations for the next day.

God was sending him to a particular place, that “I will tell you about” because it was in that place that God was making preparations to provide the lamb for Isaac.

We need to make preparations in obedience and in faith. God makes preparations for provision and salvation.

The journey took 3 days and in that time there did not seem to be anything short of faith from Abraham.

Isaac inquired about the burnt offering for they had brought no lamb.He was at least observant and aware of what they needed for the offering. His father responded once again in faith: “God will provide himself a lamb”.

What kind of faith must Isaac have to go up the hill and then allow his father to bind him and place him on the altar? The son never says a word about it. The son doesn’t argue or fight with his father but willingly, almost excitedly jumps onto the altar. Again such a beautiful picture of Jesus’ willingness to take up the cross and be bound to it for the sake of obedience and love.

Abraham had the knife in hand poised to strike and kill his son in the name of a sacrifice and at that moment, the angle from the Lord, intervened.

The real test of faith is in the follow through. Everything was leading to this point, would Abraham follow through. With the knife in hand and ready to strike, the test was complete. Abraham and Isaac both passed. God gave them a ram to offer as a sacrifice.

A sacrifice is

is something that is valuable to the person

is something that the person loves

is something one willingly gives up out of a greater love and desire

Abraham is blessed because of his act of faith and obedience toward God . He now gets more children because of his willingness to offer his only son.

Sometimes we think that God is just a “taking” God but He’s quite the opposite. He really wants to give the very best and more of it.

Abraham passed the test because he paid attention to the teacher, God who had already instructed him about all that God would do. We need to heed the word of God and when we do, God will reward us when we pass our tests.

Tests, Trials and Temptations are to be expected in life.

Tests seek to draw out what i know and have learned. They are used to prove me.

Trials seek to draw out who I am and the person I have chosen to become. They are used to purify me and refine me.

Temptations seek to draw the person I used to be and what i am capable of apart from God. They are used to harm me, others, or God. They are used to prevent me from accomplishing God’s purposes.


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