And The Winners Are…

And the winners are Katiness and Peeta and The Hunger Games. Grossing an estimated $155 million  The Hunger Games is the distinct winner this past weekend at the box office. With the movie breaking a few records with this milestone,  Jennifer Lawrence helped rake in cash and scores of people who were certainly more than hungry for The Hunger Games.

Having not read the book nor being terribly familiar with the story or plot, aside from the trailer, I was happily pleased with the acting, overall story and directing of the film. I enjoyed the length of the movie and found the themes in the story to be relevant and thought-provoking. I enjoyed the movie once but I am not sure if this is in the category of a “must-see-again” movie for me. Maybe on DVD from Redbox but I am not sure if I will contribute to the estimated $350 million. How about you? Would you see this movie 2 or more times?


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