What the #@?!*


Not being someone who cusses a lot (come on! we’ve all had a few that have slipped and more than a few we have chosen), but this is ridiculous! The New York Department of Education has come out with a new list of 50 words that have been banned from standardized tests! The list consists of words that are thought to evoke unpleasant feelings or spark controversial discussion. For more on this topic read here: Dirty Words

It is amazing to think that taking away words like “birthday” or “dinosaur” is healthy and good! Sure there are people who may not celebrate birthdays or even believe in dinosaurs but now these words now being deemed “inappropriate”. It doesn’t make sense to me! How is it that kids and teachers alike in many schools have no problem cussing and using strong language that is much more offensive than “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and yet have no problem doing so? Moreover, most kids wouldn’t be allowed to have any kind of music device or phone carrying mp3s on their persons trolling the halls school! I feel like if we are gonna ban words, let’s ban words that are truly offensive! What do you think about New York’s ban on these words? Give me some feedback!


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