Fast Forward Update

With our annual Fast Forward Campaign complete now, we are happy to report that $2400.00 will be divided between Nigeria, El Salvador, and Korean Church in NC! What a blessing it is to be able to help these groups of people in such a tremendous way!

I cannot even begin to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to Lora Darrisaw and our friends at GBI(Georgia Bureau of Investigation) who have faithfully contributed for the last 4 years toward our relief efforts. Moreover, their giving has exceeded every other group making contributions to Fast Forward each of the last four years! Thank you GBI!

During the course of the Fast Forward weekend we spent time in prayer, fasting and learning about poverty, homelessness, a mission in Haiti called Bethel Mission Outreach and the sex/human trafficking through Atlanta. It was an intense and informative weekend to say the least!

The weekend also spawned other fundraising efforts which will provide clean drinking water through another non-profit called Charity: Water. We will finish collecting those funds this Easter Weekend.

The weekend was a great success in numerous ways and I thank all of you who shared in giving, praying and fasting for our friends in Nigeria, El Salvador and North Carolina!


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