He Is Risen!

Thoughts On Resurrected Living

Why do you seek the living One among the dead? 6 He is not here, but He has risen.

 Luke 24:5-6

Don’t  expect to find life in dead places!

Many people spend their entire lives searching throughout the world looking for life in all the wrong places. Real life is only found in once place: the empty tomb! Real life is only found in one person: Jesus Christ. The ressurected life is the only real life! On the day that Christ rose from the dead, even his followers we’re surprised! They were expecting to find the Lord still dead. To their amazement, they found an empty tomb because a tomb is for those who are dead! Jesus Christ is NOT dead! My God is not dead! He is alive and living in me!

If you are looking in dead places you are only gonna find dead things! If you want to find real life you have to look where life is!

Only dead people can be resurrected!

Jesus was completely dead. He did not faint. He did not fake it. He did not flee with the help of his disciples. He WAS dead! But thank God He is no longer! On the third day just as He said, He rose from the dead! The same resurrection power that was in Him He promises to give to those who believe!

The scriptures say we are dead in our trespasses until Christ enters in! Death and life cannot share the same space! Christ can and will give the resurrection life to anyone who is seeking for life among the dead! Stop searching among the dead and deadening things of this world and let Christ rise up in you!

The tomb was opened to let people in not to let Christ out!

The ladies were asking who would roll the stone away to let them come in and anoint the Lord. When they got there they found the stone rolled away with angels sitting on top. Their problem had been rolled away! Yet how often do we roll the stone back in front of the tomb? Christ and the angels left the tomb open so that all could go in and see for themselves the resurrected life that was possible. If Christ has risen in us, we need to leave the stone rolled away! We cannot hide the life that is in us! We cannot allow the stone to be rolled back and hide the life that Christ has put in us! Regardless of what your past is, Christ has overcome it! The is no need to hide! The old you is dead! Invite people into your life and let them be encouraged by what Christ has done in you and for you this Easter!

George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear Ministries and serves as the student minster at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA


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