The Art Of Signing

There’s no doubt in my mind that I should not be where I am doing what I’m doing. I don’t have any deaf relatives or friends. I don’t have a background in Sign Language or speech pathology. Honestly, I really kind of stumbled into this whole sign language thing. I learned about signing in college from a friend whose mom was deaf. She started a sign choir called Vision through Intervarsity. I learned 3 songs and then dropped out of the group. The following semester I took a sign class and began to put together songs on my own. Little did I know that one sign class and the encouragement of friends would change my life so drastically and dramatically!

Since then, God has seen fit to take me into many different and diverse places because of it. Had it not been for this use of Sign Language, I would not have much of the ministry  I currently have with students or adults. Isn’t it crazy that God would do that? Not really. In fact, it seems just like God to do such a thing! He has taken someone like me who majored in English, minored in psychology and intended to be a band director at one point and allowed me to do something completely different and yet entirely fulfilling.

Sometimes it’s easy to try and plan out our life and take all the steps to seeing that plan fulfilled and not realize that God may have something totally different in mind. It’s not that we shouldn’t have a plan. However we must be willing to surrender the plan to the Master. That’s a Master Plan! Anything other than that will leave us empty, longing, and wasting. God’s intention is to use us to equip the Body and build the Kingdom.

I know that you may feel like geometry or government or whatever may never be useful. But that’s not the case. God will use anything we give back to Him. Don’t underestimate what God can do with what you know. You don’t know what He knows and has for the future.

For some reason, I took French in high school and college, while everyone else around me was taking Spanish. Even though I never thought I’d use it, I have! But not in places where I would have thought.  I had to use French in Vietnam and The Republlic of Benin. You just never know what God is going to do with what you know. And just to let you know, it was vitally important that I knew the French at that time! I still need to learn Spanish since we have a ministry in El Salvador, which doesn’t make sense to me either. How can I have a Spanish deaf ministry with so little Sign Language and no Spanish in my resume? Simply God.

So, what do you have to offer? What thing seems insignificant to you that you feel like you’ll never use? Why not write a list of all those things and offer them to God and see what He does with it over the next month. He may just make it the most significant thing in your life yet! He’s an artist with things like that!


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