The Summit: Atlanta Youth Conference

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Vision 2 Hear and The Youth Culture Report are happy to be partnering with The Youth Cartel and several others in bringing a very special youth conference to Atlanta on November 9-10, 2012. The Summit is a very unique youth ministry gathering for sharing ideas, strategies and encouragement on how we can better engage students and culture as followers of Christ. Vision 2 Hear and The Youth Culture Report helped sponsor the The Extended Adolescence Symposium with The Youth Cartel last year and we really enjoyed working with those guys; they have such a huge heart for serving God and equipping youth pastors and The Church. We deeply appreciate Marko, Adam and all those working to help make The Summit possible. We hope you will join us as we scale The Summit together!

Here’s what you can expect:

The theme for The Summit this first time out is PANORAMA. Let’s link arms (and brains and hearts!) as we pause to grasp a big-picture view of youth ministry present and future.

Each of the main sessions will have 4 to 6 presenters carefully selected for what they will bring. We’re not just inviting “good speakers” or big names; we’re choosing (and working with) presenters who will help us pull a thread through the entire event.

Session 1, on Friday evening, will focus on Here and Now. Each presenter will offer a different look into a facet of our current reality.

Session 2, on Saturday morning, is called Peripheral Vision. These presenters will help us look to the side, to consider what we might learn from other fields of knowledge and experience.

Session 3, on Saturday afternoon, will bring our attention to The Horizon, where the presenters will suggest hopeful possibilities of where we might be going in our collective effort of youth ministry.

Session 4, early Saturday evening, will offer a keynote speaker to wrap things up, as well as some extended worship.

Sessions 1 through 3 will be followed by opportunities to meet with individual presenters who will respond to questions and prod you (and your team) to wrestle with contextual application of the combustible ideas they are passionate about.

The Summit doesn’t fit the categories for what you’ve experienced at a youth ministry event before. It’s different.


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