Ignition Day 2

Matthew 25:14-30

Kingdom come…? Or is the Kingdom here? This passage gives us a little insight to what kingdom life is both now and then. Jesus tells a great story about a man taking a journey and uses this story to bring two worlds together: Heaven and Kingdom on earth.Jesus is helping us to see how this life affects the next life. He is giving us eyes to see what He values and how we are to live now so we will be able to share in His joy then. Serving in God’s Kingdom means we must realize something very important:

Sovereign Rule

God and Jesus are not interested in other Kingdoms, only their own. All other kingdoms will fail and fall at The Kingdom of God. The word Kingdom itself is a little difficult for us to understand since we do not operate under such a system. In a Kingdom, a King or Queen determine every rule, guideline, etc, and run the government and country as they please. A democracy however is governed by elected officials and laws are voted on by the “people”. Spiritually, how are we making our own rules? How are we doing at ushering in God’s kingdom? If we are to do well in this system, we must submit to one King, one Ruler, one Authority who is not us! Jesus is the King of this Kingdom and we must remember this! We need to think like the King, acting on His behalf and treating others as is pleasing to the King. This is life in a Kingdom.

Journey Man


A journey like the one told in this story would differ much from journeys of today. Of course they would give attention to much planning and preparation like us but communication and connection would be very limited once the journey began. The man “going away” would have carefully considered any choices he had to make and then entrust his property and work to people who were worthy of making decisions. Even though the man planned to come back, he would not be able to give them a time with certainty. The servants in this passage are given money and opportunity to show their values and understanding of the King in His absence. It was a time to see if they would go His way or separate ways. Is God’s way of doing things worlds apart from your way?

This is a passage where  Jesus is referring to Himself. The man going away represents Jesus going to prepare a place for us in Heaven. There’s no telling when He may return but He’s sure to come again! Until then, He has entrusted certain things to us to administrate on His behalf while He is away. The question is what will you do with what you have been given?






How would you feel living under a King? What freedoms what you have or lose? How do you think your life would change?

Do you look at your life as being part of the Kingdom of God that is being built and developed now? Why or why not?

Jesus said the Kingdom of God was within us (Luke 17:21). What does this mean?

The man in the story gives his servants some of his property. What does this show us about their realtionship? What does this reveal to us about our relationship to and with God?

What property has God given you? How has God entrusted you with something of His?

How cool are you with God making all the rules?

Do you feel like He’s a good King? Can you trust Him like He’s trusted you? Can He really trust you?


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