Ignition Day 3

That’s not fair!

We’ve all shouted it with great disdain as we see someone else getting more than us. As you know by now, life isn’t fair and to be honest, neither is God. God does not measure out gifts or blessings fairly.  Does this mean God is not good? Not at all.

Unequal shares.

Do we ever cry and whine about such things! We live in a society where “fairness” reigns. We all feel like we deserve the same amount as the other guy. However, this is not the case in God’s Kingdom. God does not operate according to what is fair but His own pleasure.  We get bent out of shape because we feel like we’re owed something or deserve something MORE.  What we must realize from this passage is that the shares were unequal: one got 5, another 2, and another 1.  Why is it so easy to find displeasure in what we have? We downplay and discourage others in their success and gifting all the while hating what we have because it doesn’t seem “fair”!

In this passage, God is conveying the fact that He does as He pleases. It is not going to seem fair to us but His ways are higher than ours. The sooner we can accept that, the sooner we can be about His business instead of our own.

Unequal Selections.

As they were not equal in their amount, they were not equal in the distribution. The Master singled out a few men to entrust with his property. Surely he had other servants who were as “qualified” yet this time, the Master only selects three. How often do we feel “overlooked”? Left out? Wondering if God has anything for us? This was not an equal selection and there are going to be times when we may not be selected for a task. Everyone doesn’t get a chance to “lead” up front. But that doesn’t mean every person doesn’t need to lead their lives! Servants are people who serve and serve all the time.

By definition a servant is someone who serves, regardless of the position, acknowledgement or pay. 

We live in a time where everyone thinks they should be paid for everything they do. People don’t want to serve others and even God unless they feel like they are going to get something out of it. Many years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me: “Leadership is giving your best without being first”. If we are to be faithful servants of God, we must live well regardless of the position, acknowledgment or payment that comes our way. A servant is concerned about the Mater’s business not his own promotion or prestige or payment. We must accept that even if we cannot understand the choosing of God, that God knows what He is doing. We must trust Him and learn to trust His selections of people whom he places in charge for a season.

Furthermore, we need to quit grumbling and complaining about what little we have, whether position, gifts, or influence and become thankful for all we have been entrusted with and given. We need to stop degrading the leadership around us and begin praying for and supporting the people God has placed in charge. What would life be like for you if you were a leader surrounded by followers like yourself?

What things have you been given to use and to serve others with?

Are you using them for others and God’s Kingdom or for your own self-promotion?

How have you degraded or downplayed others out of a sense of jealousy or envy?

Are you angry over God’s choosing someone else instead of you?

Do you trust God’s providence and sovereignty in selections He has made?

If you feel like you want “more”, have you been faithful with your “little”?

How are you seeking God’s pleasure and taking delight in Him?