Ignition Day 4

In God We Trust…

is a phrase we are all very familiar with in America. It’s been a subject and topic of debate, it’s written on our money and embedded in the hearts and minds of people in our country. I’m not here to talk about our trust in God with our possessions at this time though. What I’d like to stretch our imagination about is how God has entrusted His possessions with us! As crazy as it may seem, this story vividly reveals that God has given each of us some very valuable possessions, goods, and opportunities to use for Him. Others may not choose you for something great but God certainly has! He trusts you!

It’s God’s Choice.

Who can tell God what to do? As is the case with this story Jesus tells, the master makes his choices and gives three of his servants some of his possessions. There are no certain qualifications that we hear of except that they were in the employment of the master; they were his servants. In John 15: 15-17 Jesus tells His disciples that He had chosen them, hand selected them, to go and bear fruit. The master in the story chooses these servants and expects them to do something good with what he gives them. In the same way, Jesus has chosen you and I and given us whatever it is we have. 1 Corinthians 4:7 clearly states:

For who sees anything different in you? What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?

God chooses who gets what and just how much.

What we start with is up to God, however our actions affect what we end up with.

The master doesn’t go away leaving a long list of do’s and don’ts for the servants. He simply trusts them with his property and anticipates that they have been studying well along the way. He trusted they had been watching his life. The master had to believe that these servants knew how to wisely use what he was giving them. Unless they had been trained and educated, which would be unlikely for a servant, the master was relying upon their careful observance of his own life among them. He was giving them a chance to show what they had gleaned from simply living with him. Didn’t Jesus do the same thing? As He left the disciples, he told them to go and make disciples teaching them to “observe all things I have commanded you…” Did you catch that word “observe”?

Most principles about life are caught, not taught.

Through careful observance of the master’s life, the servants were well trained and taught how to do what they needed to do. Not only were they keen on how to do but they were also aware of his heart. Living with the master the servants knew what was important to him and what he valued. The master valued these servants and was giving them a chance to flourish. He was demonstrating he valued them more than his property.

Take some time and think about how God has bought you. Think about how you “owe” God. How does your view of servanthood maximize or minimize your view of God and serving Him?

How much do you think we get to choose to do? How chosen do you feel for certain tasks or jobs? Is there to something to which you feel called? Chosen? Reserved for?

How much time do you spend squabbling over what you’ve been given? How much time do you spend comparing yourself to someone else? How fair do you think God has been to you? Does God have to be fair? Why do you think you should have something more or different than what you have?

How much do you think God trusts you? How trustworthy do you see yourself?

Do you feel like God has a very specific way He wants certain things done? How much freedom do we have in using what God has given us?


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