How Now Wow!

Wanna WOW Moment?

Is is possible to have “wow” moments all the time? I’m not sure that Jesus’ disciples, the Apostle Paul nor any of our biblical forefathers lived in “wow” moments 24-7 but I do believe that we can miss some “wow” moments if we are not careful. Even though I do not believe spirituality is something to be “orchestrated” or manipulated, we are certainly gifted with “wow” moments in our daily routines that often go unnoticed. May I offer a few thoughtful “how now’s” to catching some “wow” moments in your life?

1) Take a knee before you stand.

It’s easy for any of us to get caught in the rush of daily living. The alarm can sound as a buzzer for horses at the Kentucky Derby…and we’re off! Kneeling for a few moments of thoughtful prayer and spending some time focusing on God, His power, glory and majesty can most certainly be a “wow” moment!

2) Open your eyes to the realities around you.

Often we can drive a certain path everyday to work or shopping or school and not pay attention to the beauties around us. From blooming flowers to even grazing animals, “wow” moments are naturally all around but we can become too focused on our destination. Build in some time to take your time. I know this can be a very difficult practice but scheduling yourself to not be rushed can pave the way for some great “wow” moments. Don’t neglect the super in the natural!

3) Listen to your heart and move with your soul.

“Wow” moments are often encased in ugly realities as well. Seeing homeless people, poverty-stricken areas, or even listening or watching the news can be the catalyst to a life changing “wow” moment. God can use and work through these kind of heart-touching, soul-rending realities to change us to bring about change. A wow moment is as close as your heart if you will listen, as close as your soul if you will dare to make a move!

4) Walking and talking with God, your fellow man and co-workers.

Interaction between God and man in postmodern terms has often been likened unto simple “conversation”. Who knows? A “wow” could be a simple breath or prayer away. Offer up some words for your friends, families and fellow workers. Start a conversation about something meaningful to you and see how your passion ignites a “wow” moment for another!

George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as student pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

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