Driving Life’s Highway: Principles To Being Driven Well

As I entertain the idea that we are vehicles through which God travels, speaks, etc. there are a few things I need to address and deal with driving along life’s highway.

 Life’s Highway Is Still Straight And Narrow

Just because I’m riding down the highway with the Lord doesn’t mean I can drive however I want. There are rules, regulations, guide rails, lines that can’t crossed etc. What things has the Lord said in His word that you need to take heed, learn, discipline yourself with and to? What boundaries, lines, and warnings do you need to heed? What “signs” has God put up to prepare you for the future road? As a driver of a vehicle, it is my responsibility to drive well and not endanger others with our handling of the wheel. Stay in your lane and arrive home safe!

Gas Is Too Expensive To Drive Aimlessly

Where are you going? This is an all important life question. So much time is wasted driving from here to there never accomplishing anything except “joy riding”. There’s nothing wrong with driving along but always make sure there’s intention and reason for going wherever it is you go. Don’t waste your time with needless wanderings; make every outing purposeful…even if the purpose is recreational it is not aimless. A vehicle is built to get us from one place to another faster. As God’s vehicle, we are one of His ways in connecting, transporting the good news of the gospel to others. Be discipline in the use of yourself and your things in bringing people to Christ. Aim your ways higher on the highway! What goals, aims, plans does God have for me to accomplish as a vehicle of His? Where is this life headed? How much time do I waste wandering? Am I out of gas? How can I get a refill? Where is my nearest “filling station?”

Drive Wreckless

In driving accidents can and will happen. Avoiding such incidents is always our intention on the road…and it should be in life as well. You need to take every precaution and advantage to being wreck free. You need to understand that just because you are behind the wheel doesn’t’ give you a license to sin. Accidents happen when you are not paying attention, driving too fast too closely, or unsafe in certain conditions. Accidents happen when others are doing any of the things previously listed as well. So the moral is drive carefully. Pay attention to those around you and you will help prevent accidents. Don’t be careless in how you live. Be driven with purpose and intention. God has a destination for your life. Drive well to accomplish it! Have I caused any accidents lately? How is my life out-of-control? Am I reckless in my activities, way of living? Do I need to slow down? 

Speed And Curves Can Kill

God intentionally slows you down sometimes. This is to prevent you from going off the deep end. Life has a way of installing curves and you have slow down on them. God has set up Sabbath as a way of slowing you down. It’s a curve in a highway. It’s a way of deceleration. Taking time to slow down, finding rest spots and even braking are important driving practices. They are certainly crucial to a life well-lived. or driven!

The Model And Make Don’t Matter

It’s not about how good you look, how different you are, or how big your engine is that counts. What matters is that you can be used. A broken down Lamborghini is of no use if it can’t be started, driven or continuously breaks down! What matter is that you allow God to use you regardless of the modal and make you are and let Him drive you on life’s highway. God knows how to handle each one of us so let Him do it. Don’t compare yourself to others, worrying about whose going where and whatnot. Simply let God drive you with all of your own bells and whistles. In what ways do you compare yourself to others? How is God trying to use you as a vehicle to display His glory? How are you trying to become something you are not? What is it that sets you apart and makes you your own make and model for the Master?

Be Driven Well!

George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as student pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA


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