Summer Survival Kit

For many, once school ends, the discipline and study that goes along with it ends as well. But what about our spiritual lives? Transitioning to a new season, rhythm and flow of life often unsettles spiritual disciplines and routines that we practice. With the summer upon us, may I suggest a few things to help you continue your spiritual growth and be more than a spiritual survivor this season?

Start Now!

Summer brings a sense of fun and freedom that the rest of the year doesn’t afford us. With this we tend to procrastinate and put off things in the name of “needing a break”, “taking a vacation” and or just wanting to do nothing… at least for a couple of days. But with your spiritual life you cannot do this! It has been noted that “Satan doesn’t take a day off!” When it comes to your spiritual life and discipline, you cannot either! Knowing that there is a “roaring lion seeking someone to devour” we must do all we can to keep ourselves spiritually attuned and alert this summer. Here’s where to start.

  1. Set up your calendar now. Check out the times when you will be traveling, visiting others etc. Build your spiritual tool kit for times of travel and vacationing. Gather materials, electronic bookmarks, papers, books, etc. that you can access while on the road, on vacation, while without internet access. With many of us using online materials to help us grow, sometimes, we forget to bring physical materials etc. with us. 
  2. Don’t change your routine times of sleeping or waking. It’s tempting to want to stay in bed longer or even stay up later during the summer. However, why not leave your circadian rhythm the same as much as possible? Utilize your waking time to get reading done or have more spiritual time with God. Instead of sleeping the day away, why not pray or visit with friends? Host a prayer breakfast? Make the most of the time…don’t sleep it away!
  3. Determine to be spiritually alert for the summer. Many people plan for vacations more than they plan for life. People want a plan for a break from life rather than planning for life’s breaks! Preparing yourself spiritually all along the way is the best way to be ready when something unexpected hits you dead on. Don’t neglect your spiritual life…ever! 

 Becoming Spiritually Alert This Summer

Self-discipline is key.

You have to continue your walk and pursuit of God. Sure it may look a little different during the summer months but it must be a priority. If growing spiritually and being close to God is really important to you, you have to carve out time for it. This may mean still getting up early. While others are sleeping in ‘til 10 am, you may have to get up at 7:30-8:00am for reading, praying and studying.  No one else can make you grow. If you want to be more than a survivor this summer, you will have to determine when the optimal time for you to meet with God is. For me and many in the ministry, mornings are best. If you have been used to getting up already for school, why not continue the discipline?

Seek out good friends.

You have to surround yourself with people who are going to help you and not hurt you this summer. Choosing your friends is almost choosing your destiny. I say “almost” because I do believe that God spares us of some things out of his grace. However, hanging out with the wrong friends this summer can really devastate your spiritual life and life in general! Get involved in a local youth program, Bible study, or prayer group. If you don’t know of one, then start one! Gather with people who have a similar passion for Christ and seeing God work this summer and you will be much more than a survivor!

Set aside time to journal.

I love journaling and writing on my blog and electronic journal. It’s a great way for me to record my activities, reflect on God’s word and activity in and around me and for me to recite my prayers. Making this a part of your daily habit will not only help you remember some great times this summer but also provide you with great encouragement for the future. Being able to look back and see verses that were meaningful or prayers that were answered gives fuel when the fire is burning low. And for people who want to do more than survive, fire is important!

For those who do not have or would like Quiet Time helps for the summer here are some readings for June and July. You can also check out the other blog pages on how and why to have a Quiet Time here: Quiet Time Help

Quiet Time for June:

  1. Isaiah 55:6‐11
  2. Psalm 63:1‐8
  3. Matthew 7:21‐27
  4. Isaiah 40:28‐31
  5. Psalm 1:1‐6
  6.  Joshua 1:6‐9
  7. Mark 2:1‐12
  8. Luke 7:36‐50
  9. John 15:1‐8
  10. II Corinthians 5:14‐17
  11. Philippians 3:7‐14
  12. Psalm 34:1‐10
  13. James 1:2‐8
  14. Romans 8:28
  15. Romans 8:31‐39
  16. II Peter 1:4‐8
  17. Colossians 1:9‐14
  18. Philippians 2:1‐11
  19. Romans 12:1‐5
  20. Ephesians 4:11‐16
  21. I John 4:7‐13
  22. I Thessalonians 4:1‐8
  23. Psalm 119:1‐11
  24. Ephesians 6:13‐20
  25. Luke 11:5‐10
  26. Philippians 4:6‐9
  27. Matthew 13:53‐58
  28. Luke 7:2‐10
  29. II Timothy 2:1‐7
  30. John 15:13‐21

Quiet Time for July

  1. Psalms 22:3; 93:5; 30:4;99:5
  2. Isaiah 6:3; 57:15
  3. Hebrews 12:10
  4. Revelation 4:8; 15:4
  5. Malachi 3:6
  6. Hebrews 1:10‐12
  7. James 1:17
  8. Psalms 89:5‐8; 103:19; 135:6
  9. Isaiah 40:15,17,22,23; 46:9,10
  10. Daniel 2:21; 4:35
  11. Psalms 7:11; 34:15‐16; 90:8
  12. Romans 11:33‐36
  13. Hebrews 4:13
  14. Psalms 23:6; 33:5; 36:5‐9
  15. Lamentations 3:32,33
  16. Exodus 15:11
  17. I Chronicles 20:6; 29:11‐13
  18. Psalms 33:6; 50:1; 62:11
  19. I Timothy 6:15,16
  20. Job 36:3
  21. Psalms 7:17; 11:7; 23:3; 35:28;
  22. Isaiah 5:16; 45:24; 51:5,6; 61:10
  23. Jeremiah 23:6
  24. Deuteronomy 7:9
  25. II Chronicles 16:9
  26. II Timothy 2:13
  27. Hebrews 10:23
  28. I Peter 4:19
  29. Romans 8:26
  30. Ephesians 3:20,21
  31. Hebrews 11:6

One Final Thing

Don’t forget to spend time in prayer for your friends and family during the summer. Take regular time to pray for the teachers, students and classes you will take next school year. As you pray, ask God to send you to the people who need Him most. Ask God to prepare your heart and mind to engage them in spiritual conversations next year. Remember that it may be summer vacation but it’s also your time to prepare for what’s coming next!

Have a great summer!

George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as student pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

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