The Right Stuff!

Maybe you have heard of her by now but if you haven’t I wanted to help spread her story because it’s the kind of story worth spreading. In a world of winning at all costs, I have been graciously reminded that winning isn’t everything. With the Olympics just around the corner, this young lady is the kind of athlete that deserves all the accolades. Her name is Meghan Vogel, a junior at West Liberty-Salem Hugh School in Ohio.

It was in the 3,200 meter race 20 feet from the finish line when Meghan proved her net-worth was really gold! A fellow competitor, Arden McMath collapsed in front of Vogel and instead of simply going around her, Vogel decided to help McMath to her feet and finish the race together.


In today’s competitive world, this just doesn’t add up. But the crowd rose to their feet erupting with applause. Vogel commented saying:

“Helping her across the finish line was a lot more satisfying than winning the state championship.”

What can we take away from this heroic effort of sportsmanship?

1) Winning isn’t everything…at least not for everyone.

What a great display of character, values and friendship Vogel displayed! Vogel has vividly reminded us that that are some things that more important than winning…like helping someone up who has fallen. How many of us drive by, ignore, go around people everyday who have fallen, could use a hand, or need someone to just stop and care?

2) Satisfaction is found in doing the right things.

Vogel trained and prepared for months and maybe even years for a race like this. This was a time for her to shine and potentially win a medal or trophy. What she did instead was win the hearts of people! Sure she could have had applause for her speed, her endurance, her stamina but what she got was applause for her character, which was worth far more! She could have completed the race ahead of McMath but her story would have been much shorter-lived. Her name could have just gone down in the history books at her school. Instead her name is being talked about and recorded in people’s hearts and minds as well.

3) Who you are will be revealed at the finish line.

When the time availed itself, Vogel had a decision to make: live for herself, her glory or surrender that for another. She choose another. When it was all on the line, Vogel proved that her life would be about more than a few seconds…more than a medal for a race. She proved she had the right stuff already. Her life would be defined by caring for the human race more than the 3,200 meter one. Good for you Meghan! I celebrate you and all that you run for, stand for, and stoop for. Thanks for carrying someone with you across the finish line! I applaud your life!


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