Blessings For Under A Dollar

As things go, I can miss opportunities to be a blessing as easily as anyone. However, as I have made it a semi-annual event in my life to read through and journal about the Prayer of Jabez book, I have been astounded time and again and how God works in really cool ways! Even the smallest of ways is worth noting as is the case with this post. For under a dollar today, I was able to be a blessing and not really even trying to do so at that! It just seemed the right thing to do…natural thing to do…even eternal thing to do.

Example one: Bass Outlet. Dawson and I had been strolling around the mall and decided to stop in the Bass Pro Shop. He had never been in there and so why not? We journeyed back to the huge fish tanks for a quick look and then began making our way to other interesting things. Of course the climbing wall was there but I didn’t want to spend that kind of money. There was a small little target practicing area with several replica guns (like .22’s) and it was $.50 a play for like 26 shots at targets. So I had some loose cash in my pocket and got 2 dollars change. Dawson and I played a game and it was fun. Of course no kid wants to leave when there’s still change in hand, so I offered to Dawson to move to another gun for a different experience. As we did, I saw another kid standing around looking at the guns, pretending to be shooting but as we walked toward him, he stepped away. I quickly said to him: “Hey, you wanna play?” His eyes lit up and he said: “Sure!” I deposited the change into the slot for him and began a small instructional like I would have given at Teen Valley Ranch for first time shooters. I explained to him how to aim, hold the gun and fire it. He fumbled through and I just watched him miss almost every shot…in fact I don’t know that he hit a one! As the shots emptied the guns, we all turned to leave and I simply wished him a great day and with a smile on his face he said “You too!”

Now I didn’t change his life with any of that but I changed a moment and perhaps an hour…who knew $.50 could go so far? The point I’d most like to make about that story is that there are opportunities to be a blessing to someone else around us all the time. This kid didn’t expect a blessing but he got one simply because I took advantage of the chance to be one!

Example 2: Walmart drink machine. The second incident today was similar. A guy was in line ahead of me at Walmart. He finished and exited. I had been thirsty but didn’t want to use my card to make my $2.00 purchase and opted to use the $3.00 cash I had in my hand. I got back $.93 which would not purchase me anything anyway. So I exited and realized that $.75 would buy me a canned drink from the machine. So I stepped over and I saw the guy who was in line ahead of me pondering all of his options. He was at a different machine than me so i went ahead and made my choice of Sprite. As the drink fell, I reached in to grab it and found that there were actually two drinks in the bottom of the machine…both Sprites. I grabbed mine and in that instant thought: “wow…I was blessed, I got an extra drink”. But as soon as that thought hit me so did another…”give it to the guy”. I turned and he hadn’t even noticed that there was another in the bottom of the machine, so I said: “Hey, you wanna free one”? He said: ” well, I was just about to choose…” I broke in and said: “it was just here.” To which he replied: ” well sure!”

Again, nothing life changing about this but maybe a moment…maybe an hour? But it’s funny how easily I can take a blessing and simply think it’s mine when it’s really meant perhaps for someone else. I’m simply the conduit. I could have had two for the price of one but all blessings that come are not meant to be owned or possessed or kept by me. Instead they are simply meant to flow through me to the hands of another standing a few feet away.



George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as student pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA


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