Pre-Birthday Lessons

With my 43rd BD happening tomorrow, I have been thinking through many things over the last few days to a week. It’s hard to believe how quickly time goes the farther along the continuum I go. With that understanding now firmly under my belt, I have come to realize that making the most of every second is vitally important; not that I have ever fancied myself in “wasting” time, I know that I always could be more cautious with it. As I have grown over the years, I have also come to realize that many things that are important to me in life are not easily recognized until well to be honest, life is over. I think the most frustrating thing as of late has been the fact of knowing that living by faith means I have to sometimes see what isn’t there and believe it will come to pass even if I’m not around. As I move into the next year, here are a couple of lessons I have been learning over the last couple of days.

1) Live today. Not tomorrow or yesterday.

A tremendous challenge! I can easily be too caught up in yesterday’s drama or tomorrow’s soap opera! Even though life can be a comedy of errors at times, experiencing today for all it’s worth is something I struggle with and am trying to overcome. Even reading this morning in James 1:2-8 I was reminded that the Lord uses trials and tests to mature my faith. As faith grows so does endurance and endurance leads me to maturity. I don’t always act mature in my heart. I can grumble, complain and long for different circumstances etc. Jesus said the evil for today is enough to deal with and I have to wholeheartedly agree! My challenge has been to learn to soak up all the life in each moment and contribute life to everything around me that is dying.

2) Forgiveness. Letting go.

I have read much lately and shared about my past in church over the last couple of weeks. I have to celebrate the wonderful work God has done in my heart and life to bring me to places where I can talk about some of the pain and hurt i have suffered through dysfunctional family issues. We all have them but not all of us recover and are able to heal and move on. Thankfully, I feel within myself a much healthier view of my parents and family relations than maybe ever before. What has helped me the most? Forgiving as I have been and continually need to be forgiven. Living in light of the fact that not only do others have the capacity to fail me but I do as well, is humbling and keeps me full of grace. Learning to let the past be the past and understanding that today and now are moments that can be used to create a new and different picture of the future has been powerful and wonderful. Learning to move into waters that are unfamiliar and even scary at times has proven to be very beneficial. I am thankful for the work of grace in my own heart.

Between today and the next couple of days I will spend more and more time considering my path, journey and direction. Hopefully, I’ll have more to share in written form. Until then, simply pray for God’s direction in my life as I move…




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