Kentucky VBS

This week I am in Williamsburg, KY working with about 60 middle and high school kids for a VBS sort of thing. They brought me in because they didn’t want to do the traditional VBS for the older kids. I’ll be speaking and signing all week.

So far God has already blessed in some really cool ways. Last night at the first meeting, 3 kids made first time commitments to Jesus and a couple more came forward for rededications!

There’s a group of 35 people from Huntsville, Al here serving as well. They come each year to serve. They are helping with construction of some buildings nearby and the VBS in the evenings.

The need is so great here! Please be in prayer as  the heartache and dysfunction for many of these kids just overwhelms me! I heard yesterday that out of a school of 400 that 102 of them were seen in court last school year because of drug use/possession…this is 12years old-18years old! The stories of the poverty, the family dysfunction, and the rampant drug use was enough to give me pause and wonder what in the world does one do in this situation?

Thank God for this little church and old pastor, who believe in reaching out to these kids and their parents! This small little church, which started 202 years ago (not this same building of course) made a decision several years ago to reach out to the youth of this community and make a difference. Last year they had more kids attending their VBS than any other church but one in their entire region! They had over 200 kids stuffed in this building last year!

This year they opted to use the local elementary school to host the older kids to free up some pace and provide something different for the older kids too.

Last night we had about 40 or so kids with us and they had well over 100 in the church. God has blessed the church with 4 vans that run a route for over an hour each picking up kids and bringing them to Wolf Creek Baptist Church.

Please be in prayer this week that all the vehicles and drivers and passengers are safe! Pray that God will use this week of VBS to change people’s lives! Pray that God will work a miracle in Williamsburg, KY and break the stronghold of drugs, sex and other addictions here!

In your prayers also be praying for me as I am feeling a slight cold coming on and really desire to not be sick this week or going into the trip to El Salvador. I’ll be in Kentucky until Friday morning. I’ll then return to GA to prepare for the trip out of the country on Monday, July 9.




One thought on “Kentucky VBS

  1. Praying for you George. I know it will be an awesome week for you and the kids. Praying for those strongholds! Patty & JR

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